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Hong Kong QS Job Market Update

Hong Kong has many ongoing projects experiencing significant delays leading to a strong demand for Quantity Surveyors - particularly local Hong Kong residents with Cantonese language skills. Read more about the 4 main areas with the most demand…

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Greener Energy for Dubai Plans Affect Building Construction

Dubai has announced plans to reduce energy use by 20% by 2020 and up to 30% by 2030. With a global understanding that buildings use about 40% of all energy consumption it is little wonder that Dubai’s focus is on buildings both commercial and domestic for this greener energy programme. Get our view on the issues and the projects…

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Overseas vs. UK - Working in Construction

Construction is one of the industries where large numbers of opportunities exist for British qualified professionals overseas. There are so many factors to consider when making such an important life and career decision so we've created some thinking points to consider…

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Top 10 Tips to Start Your Construction Career

There’s no better way to find advice for becoming a Quantity Surveyor than to ask an existing professional in this area. So we spoke to Keith Keown who started his quantity surveying career some years ago. Keith got his degree in this subject and went on to work with various construction organisation in the UK and internationally.…

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Carbon capture projects to be shelved after £1bn grant cut

The two carbon capture and storage projects are in doubt after the government axed a £1bn development grant for the technology.

Source: Construction News Last updated: 07:13
Let's talk Turkey

Despite acute problems on its borders and ongoing political instability, not to mention a permanently-pending EU membership application, Turkey has new build figures the UK can only dream of. But is it open to UK firms getting in on the act?

Source: Building.co.uk Last updated: 11:55
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