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Salary Report 2015Q4: Engineers in Hong Kong

Keen to know what engineers of all stripes are making in Hong Kong and Macau? We've got them covered: Structural Engineers, Building Services Engineers, Planning Engineers, Safety Engineers, Project Managers…

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Salary Report 2015Q4: Engineers in the Middle East

There are numerous engineering job titles in the construction industry There are also many different geographical locations across the GCC to consider. So let’s take a look at the top 5 current most sought after production & engineering type roles in the Middle East:…

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Salary Report 2015Q4: Quantity Surveyors in UK

Get the facts on what typical salaries are for QS and Commercial Managers are in the United Kingdom - everything from how London compares to other areas to whether the best salaries are client side or in construction contracting.…

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Top 10 Tips to Start Your Construction Career

There’s no better way to find advice for becoming a Quantity Surveyor than to ask an existing professional in this area. So we spoke to Keith Keown who started his quantity surveying career some years ago. Keith got his degree in this subject and went on to work with various construction organisation in the UK and internationally.…

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Progress on three fronts for HS2

Three steps towards the start of HS2 construction were taken this week on the administrative, legislative and contractual fronts.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 07:35
Can we get some satisfaction?

Tthe government’s strategy for construction will only be put into action if it contains challenging, short-term goals

Source: Building.co.uk Last updated: 12:00
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