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Educating Children in Hong Kong: An Introduction for Expats

Hong Kong is a fantastic place to live for many reasons - eating, shopping, socialising and doing business to name but a few. This is why it has always attracted many talented…

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Land Yourself a Quantity Surveying role in Dubai before the New Year

December in the Middle East is often a frustrating time for recruiters and construction employers who are trying to find candidates for key roles in Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Engineer…

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UK Government Supporting UK Construction

There has been further evidence recently that the UK government is attempting to support a long term plan for increased infrastructure in the UK. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has stated that sp…

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Who says construction recruitment agencies are surplus to requirements currently?

During a conversation with the owner of a construction company in Qatar last week, it was clear that he was of the opinion that recruitment agencies were no longer for him. Although he had a job vacan…

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Highways Agency boss steps down

Highways Agency chief executive Graham Dalton will leave his post in the summer after seven years at the helm.

Source: Construction News Last updated: 11:05
Can we get some satisfaction?

Tthe government’s strategy for construction will only be put into action if it contains challenging, short-term goals

Source: Building.co.uk Last updated: 12:00
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