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Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge: Update on the World’s Third Longest

HKZMB reached a milestone last month but difficulties with it and related projects will require experienced construction professionals to bring them to completion…

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Dubai’s Aladdin City Construction Project Ramps Up

A raft of opportunities for construction professionals are expected in the coming months for the mega development project, Aladdin City at Dubai Creek…

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Analysis: Heathrow Airport Expansion Receives Official Backing

Senior Ministers decided this week that the Heathrow 3rd Runway Expansion was in fact the best solution out of 3 proposed plans – read our analysis…

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Top 10 Tips to Start Your Construction Career

There’s no better way to find advice for becoming a Quantity Surveyor than to ask an existing professional in this area. So we spoke to Keith Keown who started his quantity surveying career some years ago. Keith got his degree in this subject and went on to work with various construction organisation in the UK and internationally.…

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Construction gender pay gap exposed

The full extent of the gap between the amount paid to construction industry women and construction industry men is revealed in a new online tool.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 01:51
How is New York dealing with Trump?

New Yorkers are still in shock at the idea of a Trump presidency, but some of those working in construction concede that having in the White House a New York property mogul with a $1tn infrastructure spend on his mind may not be all bad news

Source: Building.co.uk Last updated: 06:00
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