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What build professionals need to know about Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Government has approved many major projects of late to help increase the amount of housing and accessibility to the region of Hong Kong which is experiencing a significant boom at present, even greater than the one felt in the 1990’s. This boom has created the need for more developments, such as New Development Areas to increase efficiency and give rise to the Hong Kong economy. The most prestigious project at present being the Kai Tak Development (KTD) that will replace the old national airport site and create many more construction jobs in Hong Kong. [More]
Qatar Wins 2022 World Cup – Part two
In part one of this series, we made some general observations about Qatar as a country and about what football fans can expect there. In this part, we examine the implications on construction and construction jobs in the Middle East. [More]
Qatar Wins 2022 World Cup – Part One
Maxim Recruitment takes a look at the implications for the world of construction of Qatar winning the rights to host the World Cup in 2022. As a prime construction recruitment agency () for jobs in the Middle East (, Maxim has a great deal of experience of travelling and working in the country. First of all, some general observations on the country and its customs. [More]
Expatriate Pension Planning – pt 2
In the first part of Maxim Recruitment’s look at overseas pension planning, we looked at some of the issues facing British workers in jobs in foreign territories. This time, we look at alternatives to the UK based company and personal schemes. [More]
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