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Is it Worth Putting Time Into Preparing Your Construction Industry CV?
In my job as a recruitment consultant, I must read around 500 CV’s per week and it is apparent to me that some people are not doing themselves justice when it comes to writing their CV which is potentially wasting access to the job opportunities that are out there. [More]
The Boom in Construction Jobs in Hong Kong
A Hong Kong construction boom is happening all over again!! With an earmarked annual spend on infrastructure of £4Billion a year for the next 8 years, Hong Kong is investing solidly in its future and it’s a civil engineer’s dream come true! From where I sit in our offices in Central, HK, there are massive opportunities for quantity surveyors and an abundance of engineering jobs in Hong Kong today. [More]
Find the Right Construction Job Overseas
So you’re looking for a construction job overseas! The question then becomes, ‘How do I go about finding the right job for me?’

Many find contacting a construction recruitment agency such as ourselves at Maxim Recruitment to be a worthwhile exercise. However, with so many recruitment agencies in the market, how do you know which one is right for you? [More]
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