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Acronyms in the World of Construction

Never again will I ask anyone in the airport construction industry if British Home Stores has opened up again.  No, they are looking for Baggage Handling Systems Managers, not shop floor managers. 

Being new to the construction industry and the recruitment industry, I am quickly learning about acronyms in the construction world.  There is a special language just for people in the industry and it takes a while to key in to all the buzz words and letters. 

I am learning quickly about the difference between RFC, RFI, RFP and of course FRQ and what they mean on a project’s journey from initiation to completion.  This is particularly useful when scanning PPP projects, or P3 as they are sometimes called (just to confuse me further).  Of course, then once I have learned about the project I need to know what kind of recruitment we need to do to fill the roles.  They would need to know about the PMP of course.  Heaven forbid I find a QS for a job that actually needs a PMO.  Although sometimes a PM can have been a QS but it would help if they have some experience in AEC and a qualification as a P Eng.

This of course does not side track from the fact that some candidates for certain posts can be MRICS whilst others are FRICS.  I wouldn’t want to assume someone who is MRICS is FRICS, now would I?

And then there are the specialists who do things like MEP.  And then there are the FMBs too.  But do they understand fully the GCPA?

I would not be doing my job well if I confused an MCIArb with an MCIOB or the FCIOB.  And if they are in the TGWU then the union may intervene.

Don’t forget the MIET and the CLP.  And the star of the show, the CIOB.  The list goes on.

Just when I think I have covered all these acronyms and nailed it in terms of recruitment in the construction industry, they start on the terminology.  Floored again.  Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt?  Why would someone put their karate hobby on their CV as a genuine asset?  And when we look into delay analysis and forensics, well that is just like an episode of CSI Construction.  Confusing. 

When I joined the industry I had no idea I would need to learn a whole new language.  But here at Maxim Recruitment, my fellow colleagues and mentors have been very patient in helping me out every time I scream across the office “Remind me what an MEP specialises in, please?”.  The joy of this recruitment agency is that they cater for every acronym, long or short.  They place each individual with their myriad letters in jobs that are well suited to them as individuals.  And they find each construction company the individuals (with acronym appendage) that they need.   So from A to Z, Maxim Recruitment has you covered.

About the Author

Katie Keenan

Katie Keenan is based at the Maxim Recruitment head office in Melton Mowbray in the UK. She is responsible for the Maxim candidate experience and works with our directors and senior consultants to assist with the resourcing of candidates for our premium priority client vacancies in the UK and internationally. 



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