Happy Lunar New Year! Kung Hey Fat Choi!

Posted by Roy Lai, Graduate Recruitment Consultant | Hong Kong & UK on Thursday, February 8, 2024

The Covid pandemic has hit major markets over recent years, and the construction industry also did not escape this. After years of ups and downs and with everyone striving hard, this new year will hopefully bring good opportunities, and market gains will return during the year!

2024 is the Year of the Dragon. Among the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs, the dragon is the fifth. It is the only non-animal mythical creature amongst the twelve zodiac signs. It symbolises auspiciousness and ever-changingness. I hope that in the ever-changing Year of the Dragon, everyone will be as swift and strong as the dragon and prosper in their career!

Hello everyone! I am Roy Lai; I am honoured to have joined Maxim Recruitment at the beginning of this year. As a recruitment consultant for Maxim Recruitment, one of my first tasks is to reconnect with local Hong Kong-based construction clients and to help to fill their new vacancies.  

One of the biggest challenges I have found so far is connecting with people, particularly by telephone, which requires a healthy combination of the right timing, place, and some good luck to have the chance to build a new connection and relationship successfully. Yet, setbacks are inevitable but we have to face them head-on; obstacles and difficulties will eventually be overcome. “April showers bring May flowers!” With all the bitter failures that make cheerful things happier, the happiest moment for me at work is when my colleagues congratulate me after helping our client employers and candidates to new employment beginnings! The feeling of adding value and helping the client employer and the construction candidate jobseeker is unparalleled!

Maxim Recruitment has a large and growing local and global network of construction industry contacts and a great number of professionals in various construction fields. Together with our award-winning website, we are confident we can help our clients recruit hard-to-find talent within the construction industry around the world and also help our premium construction candidates find their ideal next career move – whether it is in Hong Kong, Asia or anywhere around the world! 

Finally, I wish you all a fruitful and prosperous 2024.



疫情在過去數年大力打擊各大市場,歷經數年起起跌跌,大家依舊努力向前進發,今年必然有好回報好的際遇。2024年為龍年,在十二生肖裏,龍是排行第5的屬相, 亦是十二生肖中唯一不是動物屬神話生物,寓意吉祥,變化萬千。相必大家均能在變化萬千的龍年,像龍一樣前路無阻,工作飛黃騰達!

大家好!我係Roy Lai, 好榮幸於今年年初加入Maxim Recruitment, 作為Maxim Recruitment 的招募顧問我的首個任務是接手香港業務部分, 主要任務包括與以往有聯繫的客戶重新聯繫,找尋新客戶及開始為客戶尋找合適的專才。作為招募顧問最大的難關莫過於與人溝通, 要透過電話聯絡在諮詢發達的2024依然並不容易, 需要天時地利人和, 加上耐心才只是有機會成功。但是挫敗難免,迎難而上,障礙困難終將迎刃而解。而工作時最高興莫過於完成要務後同事之間的互相祝賀,即使在寒冷的冬季依舊激起心中暖流!

Maxim Recruitment,擁有龐大的本地及全球建築行業的聯繫網絡及大量不同建築領域的專才,且日益增長,加上我們的被提名獲獎網站, 我們必定能幫到客戶招聘難得的人才及幫助專才在職場上步步高升。

最後 Maxim Recruitment 全體人員謹祝 各位2024財源滾滾,客似雲來。


Roy Lai
Graduate Recruitment Consultant | Hong Kong & UK
Maxim Recruitment

Roy is a Graduate Recruitment Consultant based in the Maxim head office in Leicester. He supports the team with researching, headhunting, shortlisting, and interviewing construction industry candidates, to place in premium construction jobs with our market-leading UK, Hong Kong and international clients. Roy Lai 是 Maxim 駐香港及英國辦公室的招募顧問。Roy在招聘團隊中協助客戶按建築項目所需人才進行資料蒐集、分析、篩選、連繫並配對最合適的建築行業專才,同時為每位專才在世界各地的優質建築項目中提供一個發揮所長的舞台。