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Hong Kong’s Construction Industry Vision 2020: A Roadmap for the Hong Kong Construction Industry

In the following, Derek Smyth, Chairman of the Construction Industry Group of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, and formerly Executive Director of Gammon Construction,  gives us a brief summary of Hong Kong's Construction Industry Vision 2020. This vision summarizes the industry's aspirations to remain a leading construction force regionally whilst building a long term sustainable industry in support of Hong Kong's development. A key focus of the challenges articulated is to ensure the industry develops in a responsible manner that enhances the quality life for Hong Kong's people, both within and outwith the construction industry.

A message from Derek Smyth, Chair of the Construction Industry Group (CIG).
I have lived in Hong Kong for over 30 years and care passionately, as many of my friends and colleagues also do about Hong Kong, its people and the construction industry that has such a beneficial effect on so many people’s lives. For so many of us Hong Kong is our home.

The boom times have returned to Hong Kong’s construction market with an array of exciting projects already confirmed that mean that more is to be built of a greater value than in the boom days last seen in the 1990s.  With boom times also come challenges including issues relating to safety, environment, procurement, productivity and industry viability.

The relative maturity of the Hong Kong construction industry means that there have existed for many years a number of well regarded professional bodies representing the industry including the Hong Kong Construction Association, the Construction Industry Group, the Construction Industry Council and many local branches of international professional associations representing surveyors, engineers etc. All have a keen interest in developing in a sustainable manner Hong Kong's construction industry.

What is different, and I think special about the 2020 Vision, that I would like to draw your attention to, is that it seeks to draw from all the positives about the progress made to date in the Hong Kong construction industry and try to unite the construction industry to tackle a number of remaining urgent areas of improvement. By articulating a clear Vision with time scales and key steps on the road map to achieving that vision we will ensure, in the eyes of many practitioners, Hong Kong’s built environment still enjoys a position at the forefront of regional and world rankings.

As you will see from the list of those who contributed to Vision 2020 the way forward has considerable support from a wide range of construction  related disciplines.

I recommend Hong Kong to anyone as a place to work in the construction industry – both to those in Hong Kong considering a career in construction and to expatriates considering bringing their talents to a booming market that appreciates highly skilled construction professionals.

Sharing a vision, and of course doing something about realising this vision, is the best way to ensure Hong Kong’s construction industry is a safe, productive, sustainable and efficient industry in which we can all make a contribution to enhancing the quality of life of all who live in this exciting city.

Please take a few minutes to read the full 2020 vision by following one of the following links:
English Version
Chinese Version

If you already work in Hong Kong you may also want to ask your company to consider memberships of the following bodies who are keen to progress the 2020 vision:
The Hong Kong Construction Association
The Construction Industry Group (Part of the British Chamber of Commerce)

Best wishes & Happy New Year,
Derek Smyth

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