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Improving Hong Kong’s Construction Training

Like many countries, Hong Kong is facing the problem of an aging construction workforce with less people entering the industry. Long-term, construction spending is forecast to increase by up to 30% by 2026–2027 compared to 2016-2017 figures according to the Construction Industry Council (CIC), creating the perfect conditions for a future skills shortage.

This need for qualified construction staff to support future projects is part of the reason for the creation of the CIC’s Institute of Construction (HKIC). Offering both full- and part-time courses in construction and management skills, the HKIC offers flexible training that is better tailored to industry needs. As part of the CIC, they can also consolidate all the knowledge and best practice that flows through the organisation into their courses.

In the past, traditional routes into professional construction roles have required degrees, particularly for engineering, surveying, and estimating positions. Such a large commitment is potentially off-putting for new entrants to the field, particularly older candidates with experience in other fields who may have more responsibilities.

But by using a system similar to the education levels in the UK, the HKIC can help fulfil it’s vision of becoming a well-recognised symbol of quality construction training. The Hong Kong Qualifications Framework was introduced in 2008 and offers a similar setup with seven levels of qualification. Using outcome-based standards, qualifications are assigned a level across four domains: knowledge and intellectual skills; processes; autonomy and accountability; and communication, ICT and numeracy.

Providing a strategic plan for reviewing, formulating and executing professional training that fulfils the requirements of the Qualifications Framework is just one aspect of the HKIC’s vacancy for an Assistant Director – Professional Development that we are currently recruiting for. If you are a strategic thinker with strong managerial experience and a passion for improving learning standards in construction, this could be the position you’re looking for. Interested? Contact Richard Poulter for an informal discussion about the role and what it involves.

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Richard Poulter
Construction Recruitment Director, Hong Kong
I am responsible for the recruitment business in Hong Kong, Asia, and the Middle East. I was a civil engineer and project manager for 15 years before becoming a construction industry recruitment consultant in 2004. I am based in the Hong Kong office and specialise in placing professionals in engineering, project management, planning, HSEQ and risk.
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