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It’s BIM a Long Time Coming

The past few years has seen an emergence in niche roles in the construction sector, perhaps none more pertinent than that of ‘BIM’, Building Information Modelling. Described simply by an Associate from a leading architectural practice, as “dragging the construction industry out of the Stone Age!”

What is BIM?
How often can you say that the design and construction plans of a mega project are transparent to all parties involved? That’s where BIM comes in.

In short, BIM is a virtual information model that facilitates collaboration for all stakeholders in the construction process, designers through to contractors. It provides 3D, and in some cases 4D (which includes the time element), illustrations of how a project develops at any given time in the cycle. More importantly, it gives an invaluable insight as to how the actions of one discipline can affect others in the process; reducing the chance of accruing additional delays or costs.

Who’s Using BIM?
‘Who’s not using BIM?’ is probably the question we should be asking. Made compulsory by the EU in 2014, it has also been implemented for iconic global buildings such as Freedom Tower in New York and Shanghai Tower, as well as becoming increasingly prevalent in the Middle East, with Abu Dhabi enforcing mandatory use on its landmark $3bn Midfield Terminal Building expansion to its airport. 

With growing pressure on regulations in the UAE, earlier this year the Dubai Municipality made it mandatory for BIM to be used on all MEP and architectural work for buildings higher than 40 stories, buildings in excess of 300,000 sq/ft and a suite of government buildings including hospitals and universities.

Staggering Growth
In 2009, fewer than 10,000 models were being managed on a leading BIM provider’s software. It has recently reported a staggering 2,600% growth in users; with 270,000 models being managed last year. It’s easy to see why this growth has been achieved; a survey from the UK’s National Building Specification reported that over 70% of contractors and architects who had been using BIM found that it had given them a competitive advantage.  It is now being forecasted that the BIM market, currently sitting at around $2.6bn, will enjoy growth up to $6.5bn by 2020. 

Maxim Recruitment Can Help You to BIM.
The evidence and benefits are there for all to see and it’s unquestionable that BIM will shape the future of construction. It’s generally accepted that due to implementing the BIM software systems on projects quite some time ago, BIM specialists from UK, the US and Europe may have an advantage over those in other regions. 

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