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Oman and the Region’s Largest Infrastructure & Build Projects

Oman is currently experiencing a significant surge in the amount of large construction projects being introduced in the region. With this growth, specifically in the capital Muscat, the demand for expatriate professionals is increasing dramatically. The Arab state sits next to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, in this sense it is well poised to continue to develop and boom with the other Middle Eastern countries surrounding it. The region is seeing a lot of growth at present with fantastic opportunities on impressive infrastructure and build projects being widely available. 

The influx of foreign workers and their roles on site is advancing the nation with local nationals learning and advancing skills based on successful international training schemes, this process is known as ‘Omanisation’. With Oman entering a period of exponential economic growth, the need to train Omani nationals is regarded as paramount to maintaining a sustainable economy. Ideally, Oman will make its economy sustainable through a mixture of local nationals becoming educated and trained in engineering roles combined with the use of expatriates to provide expertise and training when and where necessary. Similar models exist and have excelled in construction hubs all over the globe. 

Top Infrastructure & Build Projects in Oman:
What projects and roles are there for expatriates and Omani nationals to work on? Roles for a whole range of construction professionals are available, such as project engineers, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, quantity surveyors and commercial managers on the following types of projects that are in the planning, design or build stage:

-Muscat International Airport Expansion – Phase 1 – US$ 3.50 billion.
The MIA was built in 1973 and has recently reached its maximum capacity. The airport expansions will eventually double the amount of foot traffic the airport will see, transforming its capabilities from 6 million passengers a year to 12 million.

-Jebel Sifah – Design stage - $ US 1.13 billion.
A contemporary town development that will house a wide range of the world’s leading 5* hotels against the backdrop of the Hajjar mountains, hoping to set the tone for integrated tourism complexes (ITC) in the region. 

-Saraya Bandar Jissah – Under construction - US$ 544 million
Another one of Oman’s integrated tourism complexes (ITC), this development located in the southeast of Muscat will comprise of luxury houses very close to the Bandar Jissah natural beach fusing with the mountainous terrain. Further, it will play host more 5* boutique and resort hotels.  

Oman’s Rail Project:
With these and many more projects being awarded, such as the planning of Oman’s National Railway Network well under way and construction set to being in 2015. Totalling a staggering 2,244 kilometres of network, the entire project will cost around US$ 15 billion with the initial phase of the project totalling US$ 2.6 billion. The first phase of the National Rail Network will run from the border of the UAE at Al Buraimi to the port of Sohar.

The Future of Oman:
With the many projects being proposed, designed and built, Oman will continue to develop and attract construction professionals to live and work in the region. If you are a construction professional involved in bids, design or construction, please do not hesitate to send your CV to Maxim Recruitment via our website.

Dan Kirk
Maxim Recruitment

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