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Singapore: A country experiencing economic growth – pt 2

Singapore – A country experiencing economic growth – pt 2.


Last time, Maxim Recruitment In Focus addressed the transport infrastructure and construction industry in Singapore. This time, In Focus looks at the role that government has to play in inward investment, some of the civic construction projects being planned, and the future of the sector as a whole and the prospects for those working there.


The Singaporean Government has showed its belief in the construction industry by providing $250 million to ensure construction  in Singapore continues to flourish and be a dominating force in the world market. The money is to be used by local and international firms operating in Hong Kong to strengthen their workforce, lower the cost of advancing construction technologies and make engineering a principal pillar of the market. This will create many more opportunities in the Singaporean market for construction professionals to relocate to South-East Asia.


The building market is set to nearly double in funds from $2.7 Billion to $5.1 Billion in 2010 with plans in place to transform the former Supreme Court into the National Art Gallery, the redevelopment of Victoria Theatre/Victoria Concert Hall and the campus extension of the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) on Stirling Road. It is safe to say that Singapore is certainly a safe economy and is creating more and more building blocks to return to its place at the top of the world construction market.

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