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Hong Kong's MTR Extension Project

The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system in Hong Kong is a key transport railway network consisting of nine lines, a total route length of around 175 kilometres and it carries nearly 4 million passengers per day.  Within the next decade MTR Corporation will complete 5 multibillion HK$ major new extension projects, including a high a speed rail link connecting Kowloon to Mainland China.  With figures this size and such a large scale investment it is no surprise that the need for new staff to work on these enormous projects is phenomenal.  Engineers, Commercial Managers and Quantity Surveyors of all levels are needed to push these projects forward to completion and finding enthusiastic and experienced  Engineers and Quantity Surveyors can be a challenge for companies working on these projects.  Indeed it may be necessary for many of these companies to increase their expat workforce, which could open the door for a first posting overseas.

So why would I be interested in working on a MTR project in Hong Kong you may ask yourself?  Well, there are various reasons as to why people from all over the world move to Hong Kong to specifically work on one of these MTR projects, let me give you just a couple of examples:


To put it simply the scale of these projects are huge.  The Express Rail Link (XRL) alone is worth a staggering HKD$62.4 billion, and consists of approximately 26km of new railway.  To work on a project of this size is a rare opportunity not only in Hong Kong but anywhere in the world.  The skills and experience you will gain will no doubt lead to excellent career progression opportunities and the chance to work with some of most well respected international companies and individuals in the construction industry.


The complex nature of constructing an underground railway system incorporates, tunnelling, new build stations, facades, fit-out/refurbishments, MEP works and infrastructure (including new road layouts).  Working on an MTR project gives you the chance to get involved with a variety of these types of works, allowing you to develop new skills and push the boundaries of your own talents.  Therefore whatever your background and skill-set, you will more than likely find a demand for them on an MTR project. 

Want to Board the MTR Train?

So whether you’re a Senior Engineer with 20 years experience looking for a new challenge or a young Quantity Surveyor looking to progress your career, an MTR project in Hong Kong could be the perfect fit.  If you’re interested and would like to know information about the opportunities available please get in contact so we can discuss you next career move!


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