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Overseas vs. UK - Working in Construction

Construction is one of the industries where large numbers of opportunities exist for British qualified professionals overseas. There are so many factors to consider when making such an important life and career decision so we've created some thinking points to consider…

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UK Construction Awards Update

The UK is currently among the most exciting construction regions on the world circuit as far as proposed projects go. Here are 2 frameworks and 3 notable construction projects we are hiring for…

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UK Europe’s Biggest Construction Market by 2025, Despite Disputes

Mega projects such as HS2 and the next generation of nuclear power plants prompt industry insiders to predict UK will be the biggest construction market in Europe soon.…

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Contingency vs. Retained Recruitment

The battle for talent rages across the UK, creating skills shortages far and wide – and recruitment winners and losers. There are basically two methods we can use to recruit you a winning construction team; “contingency” and “retained”. Read on to find out which one is right for you.…

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Industry News

Network Rail CP5 to cost £41bn after £2.5bn cost hike

Network Rail has been forced to find an additional £2.5bn of funding to pay for the Control Period 5 enhancement programme after a report from its chairman found the original costing to have been “unrealistic and undeliverable”.

Source: Construction News Last updated: 12:55
Special application

From the outside things may be looking better for specialist firms but money is still tight, especially with some contractors imposing tough terms and long payment times. Is it time for specialists to cut out the middle-men?

Source: Building.co.uk Last updated: 06:00
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