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UK Construction Industry Failing to Keep Skilled Workers?

Reports suggested that since 2008 about 400,000 jobs in the industry had been lost because of the recession. But with the UK construction and infrastructure industries on a high with many big projects underway or planned, the UK is regaining its attraction.…

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London Still Riding High on Large-Scale Projects

There seems to be no let up in UK construction, especially in London. We know it’s the capital and as such attracts business and commercial ventures, but the new government’s housing policies seems to be keeping that part of the market buoyant too. Here are some projects we are watching...…

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Increasing UK Construction Costs and More Projects Under Construction

Recently speculation over the failure of Quantity Surveyors to accurately predict and price of a project at tender stage, due to the speed and scale of rising costs. One cause of this costing problem has arisen through the shortage of skilled labour and skilled professionals in the Mechanical & Electrical sector, whether it be a Quantity Surveyor with this specialisation or an Engineer.…

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UK Construction: Where Has All the Talent Gone?

Things are looking up for the UK construction industry but during the last downturn fewer new skilled professionals came into the business and experienced staff went abroad. We take a look at the causes and solutions going forward.…

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UK's biggest clients and companies to address CN Summit 2015

The UK’s biggest clients will present their pipelines and methods of collaboration, with 50 government, private sector and supply chain speakers already confirmed for the Construction News Summit 2015.

Source: Construction News Last updated: 05:27
Can we get some satisfaction?

Tthe government’s strategy for construction will only be put into action if it contains challenging, short-term goals

Source: Building.co.uk Last updated: 12:00
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