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Quantity Surveyors and Construction Professionals Coming back to the UK from Overseas

As a specialist recruitment agency that works in the Middle East, Far East and the UK markets, you can imagine that we have resources and worldwide market expertise that many competitor agencies will not. Our global presence as a specialist in the recruitment of construction professionals means that despite my focus being within the UK sector, the candidates that I work with are not exclusive to residing in the UK.…

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UK Construction and the “UKCG”

The construction industry has around 350,000 firms, varying in size from small/medium family owned firms to multi millions pound companies. The sector makes up for around 10.5% of UK employment which is around 3.1 Million people. Construction is seen as a “jobs creator” the sector is over three times more labour intensive that financial services and can provide jobs for people from all educational backgrounds.…

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UK Government Supporting UK Construction

There has been further evidence recently that the UK government is attempting to support a long term plan for increased infrastructure in the UK. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has stated that sp…

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UK Construction Projects Overview

The UK construction market is continuing to recover with 2015 likely to see a healthy mix of housing building construction, refurbishment and civil engineering and infrastructure projects all competin…

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Industry News

Blacklisting firms deliberately misled victims, claim MPs

A committee of MPs has accused contractors of deliberately misleading victims of blacklisting, slamming them as “callous and manipulative”.

Source: Construction News Last updated: 01:16
A test of loyalty

Leo Quinn’s ability to restore Balfour Beatty’s former glory relies on clients not being spooked by the firm’s latest woes

Source: Building.co.uk Last updated: 05:00
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