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UK Government Supporting UK Construction

There has been further evidence recently that the UK government is attempting to support a long term plan for increased infrastructure in the UK. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has stated that sp…

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UK Construction Projects Overview

The UK construction market is continuing to recover with 2015 likely to see a healthy mix of housing building construction, refurbishment and civil engineering and infrastructure projects all competin…

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London Needs a Million More Homes than Previously Thought

A recent headline suggests a huge deficit in the availability of UK housing over the next few years. At Maxim Recruitment we’ve always got an ear to the ground for the latest on the UK construct…

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Political Uncertainty to Affect UK Infrastructure Construction Projects?

Political uncertainty was highlighted this month when UKIP won their second parliamentary seat in the House of Commons. Nigel Farage claims that this party listens to the voters and are more in touch …

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Construction needs more than 223,000 jobs by 2019

The UK construction industry will need an additional 223,450 jobs over the next five years to handle expected output growth to 2019, according to new research.

Source: Construction News Last updated: 12:02
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Tthe government’s strategy for construction will only be put into action if it contains challenging, short-term goals

Source: Building.co.uk Last updated: 12:00
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