We have used Maxim for the majority of our recruitment over the past 15 or so years. During that time, Richard and Steve have provided outstanding service. They take great care to understand the business and role, enabling them to accurately screen and identify suitable candidates who accurately match our requirements. They have an extensive international network which they use to good effect. The staff we have recruited through them have proven an excellent match for our organisation. I would wholeheartedly recommend them for construction and construction dispute recruitment.

Director of International Claims and Dispute Consultancy | December 2023

Thank you for your assistance in finding the perfect position for me. Maxim is a first-rate recruiting company that provides exceptional service. Steve was very helpful, friendly and professional. In order to identify the ideal match for his client and myself as a candidate, he thoroughly evaluated my personality, skill set, and experience. His proactive approach guided me through the process of securing my first overseas position and a fantastic new opportunity. I look forward to collaborating with Steve and the Maxim team again in the future. Once again, I want to thank you for helping me secure my new position.

R.S. | Senior Quantity Surveyor | December 2023

As a newcomer to Canada, it was difficult for me to search for a job without having local experience. Not only did Daria at Maxim Recruitment respond quickly to me after applying for the job on their platform, but also she was very professional, giving me tips and information useful for my job interview preparation. After their client made me a job offer, she and her colleague helped answer my questions in a professional manner. Therefore, I am very grateful.

J.C. | Cost Consultant, Canada | December 2023

Richard from Maxim Recruitment first reached out to me whilst I was in UK with a great job opportunity in Hong Kong. Prior to the interview, Richard provided good insight about the company and condition of the industry and reassured me the role was a great fit. He matched each of the key skills against the JD which captured my interest. Having been offered the position, Richard negotiated the package on my behalf and secured a 12% uplift to the original offer to ensure my acceptance. I experienced very professional and efficient execution of their services and I have no hesitation in working with Richard and Maxim Recruitment should the opportunity arise in the future.

A.J. | Associate Director Quality Assurance | December 2023

During the course of the recruitment process, Nilam was very proactive in keeping both the client and myself, the candidate updated throughout the recruitment process. This gave me confidence to turn down a final interview with a competitor employer. Thank you, Nilam, I appreciate very much the efforts that you put in to find the right employer for me.

E.F. | Senior Associate (Delay) | December 2023

Steve provided much guidance and support to me during the entire recruitment/interview process. From the first interview to getting an offer, he checked in with me before and after each stage to make sure everything was going well. Steve's service was on a personal level, and I'd highly recommend him to any job seekers.

E.C. | Project Manager | December 2023

I think you have provided an excellent service assisting me finding my new job. First, you found me a job that really suits me. Second, you are nice and friendly as you are really looked into my case to provide good service and whenever I need help you are there, to answer my questions. I will definitely introduce you to my friends.

F.Y. | Junior Cost Consultant, Canada | November 2023

I can highly recommend Nilam and Steve at Maxim Recruitment, who provided a friendly, informative and hassle-free transition for my move into dispute resolution from construction planning. From initial contact they explained the opportunities currently existing in the market and fully understood me and my aspirations. They then matched me to a suitable employer and coordinated a seamless interview process. Following conversations with both Nilam and Steve, I was fully prepared for interview and was excited to accept a job offer shortly after. I would recommend Maxim to anybody considering a move within the industry.

W.D. | Delay Consultant | November 2023

Steve and Nilam at Maxim work very hard to research, interview and present suitable quantum and delay candidates for consideration. As a result of their introductions, we have added high calibre professionals that strengthen our team. We enjoy working with them and can recommend them for their integrity and attention to detail.

G.B. | Director, Specialist Dispute Consultancy, UK | November 2023

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