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Job Offers and Feedback

Job Offers and Feedback

How to Turn a Good Interview Into a Job Offer

Phone your recruitment consultant at Maxim straight after the meeting to share your initial comments and impressions. Include both the positive and any negative feedback.

Take Stock of the Situation

A good recruitment consultant will listen closely to your comments, and offer practical suggestions where appropriate regarding how best to move things forward with the company you have met. There may also be implications for action relating to applications to other companies.

There is no need to rush into anything at this stage, and it is important to carry out any research or follow up work prompted by the meeting to ensure you are happy with what was discussed.

Salary Negotiations

Having built up trust with your recruitment consultant, you can now work together to secure the best available financial terms for you as a part of the overall job package.

A professional and experienced recruitment consultant and agency will put your interests first in these negotiations. It is important to be frank about your opinions, and take the time to discuss what is vital as a part of the salary and package and what is negotiable. It is better to move from the general to the specific. For example it is unwise to discuss the colour and specification of the company car available before you have agreed a basic salary.

It is critical that your salary and package expectations now remain consistent with what was discussed and agreed during the initial interview and selection process with your recruitment consultant.  Inflating your expectations beyond the agreed market rate will only waste everyone's time and upset a potentially influential future contact at the company.

There is a misconception that agencies are after the biggest salary and related fee possible. At Maxim at least, the ethos is to ensure both candidate and employer are happy with the terms agreed. This is how Maxim is building its reputation and market share in the construction recruitment sector in the UK, Middle East and Asia.

Verbal Offers

If you are offered a job verbally, either directly by a client or via a Maxim consultant, it is always a good idea to think about it before responding. At Maxim, we regard a verbal acceptance as a professional commitment to be honoured; hence appropriate consideration needs to be given before formally accepting. This consideration may take a few hours, a weekend or even slightly longer. Maxim is not a recruitment agency that will pressure you into hasty decisions. We will advise on how long the offer is open to you for, and ensure you are empowered to make the best decision possible. Sometimes it is advisable to indicate strong interest and await a formal written offer so the finer details of the offer can be fully understood.

Written Offers

As with verbal offers, written offers are a matter requiring serious consideration before responding.

Maxim candidates have a greater credibility with employers because a very high proportion of our candidates honour the commitments they make to start new jobs. This is because we give our candidates the information and the time to make their own decisions on what is their best course of action without pressure.

With this in mind, we value the honesty of our candidates in relation to the offers they receive as a result of our efforts. If you are waiting for an offer via another agency, just say so. We can help you secure the extra time you need to make an informed final decision.


Resignations and Counter Offers

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