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Starting a New Job

Getting Everything to Run Smoothly

Before the first day in your new job, keeping in contact with your new employer and your construction recruitment consultant is the best way of ensuring everything goes to plan - no surprises!

Preparing for Your First Day in the New Job

  • A week or two before starting it is worth reconfirming the day, time and location for your first day, and who it is you should ask for upon arrival
  • Double check on arrangements for the collection of any items on or before start date such as company car, mobile phone, laptop etc. This may be best arranged with HR/Personnel Department rather than your line manager if the company has that department in house.

Letting People Know

  • If you are returning your previous employer’s mobile phone, and not having work emails forwarded to you, it may be an idea to send an email round to the appropriate contacts to thank them for a good working relationship and to supply your personal contact details should they wish to contact you in relation to personal matters.
  • Ask for your details to be archived or deleted by any other recruitment agencies, job boards or other employers you were considering to avoid embarrassing phone calls in your first few weeks of your new job!
  • Consider updating your LinkedIn profile and any other social media you use so that your professional and personal contacts can keep in touch with you

Once You've Started the New Job

  • Meet as many people and go to as many meetings and social events as possible. Set their good expectations by forming good habits from the start
  • Remember why they recruited you and remember to focus on demonstrating those skills and solving those problems. 
  • Ensure your induction and probation review and salary review milestones are clearly communicated and worked towards


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