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Dedicated Service

Maxim offers a unique Dedicated Service for clients seeking to closely collaborate with our recruitment consultancy. With an upfront commitment payment, employers can benefit from having their vacancies prioritised and obtaining results quickly. This offering is available by invitation only, allowing Maxim to ensure successful delivery of services while providing exclusive access to both active jobseekers and inactive potential candidates that have been rigorously researched using a variety of specialist methods.

Once a Dedicated Service agreement is in place, an employer can expect:

  • Job descriptions to have “Featured” priority status on the Maxim website homepage
  • Premium candidates to be researched and proactively approached
  • A deliberate focus on inactive as well as active candidates to identify all possible candidates suitable for consideration
  • Client exclusivity allocated to suitable shortlisted candidates while they are considered for employment

Executive Service

Maxim is a leader in executive search, having achieved an unrivalled 100% success rate on an international scale. With a perfect track record throughout the UK, Hong Kong, Middle East and Canada, we can demonstrate our commitment to providing superior recruitment services.

Clients willing to engage us on an executive search for a construction related position at any level of seniority can expect;

  • A premium consultancy service from job description compilation right through to the successful candidate’s first day at work with you
  • Expert market mapping of target sectors and employers where suitable candidates can be found
  • Discreet and highly effective headhunting to be undertaken by Maxim directors and senior managers to secure interest to interview from the best candidates in the industry

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Please get in touch at any time by phone or email or Submit Your Vacancy to us and we will get in touch promptly to discuss your recruitment options further.

Maxim Recruitment is an independent recruitment consultancy established in January 2003 to service the building, civil engineering and consulting sectors.

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HyperTunnel runs out of road

A British technology company seeking to revolutionise the world of tunnelling has collapsed into administration.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 25 July, 07:43

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Network Rail develops low-carbon composite sleepers

Network Rail has developed a new type of composite sleeper with substantially less embedded carbon than traditional wooden or concrete ones.

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First funds released for Eden Project Morecambe

Plans for a new Eden Project in Morecambe have moved forward with the signing of the first stage of a grant funding agreement.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 25 July, 07:13

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Muse's £100m Prestwich Village scheme approved

Bury Council has approved plans for a £100m overhaul of the Longfield Centre site in Prestwich.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 25 July, 07:04

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Deeley builds care portfolio

After a disappointing 2023, Coventry’s Deeley Group appears to be bouncing back, surfing the silver wave.

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