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The BNO British National (Overseas) visa and UK Construction Jobs 1 Year On

One year on we look at how well has the BNO scheme worked for Hong Kong people wanting to come to the UK? We answer all your questions about construction jobs for BNO status here. …

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Claims and Disputes Job Opportunities in Australia

Australia is an emerging construction arbitration hub and the demand from candidates to move into specialist quantum and delay roles from traditional quantity surveyors, project managers, contract administrators, planners and project controls managers is just not keeping up with the demand from growing specialist consultancies in this niche area.…

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A Guide to the Clerk of Works Job Role

This expert guide discusses what to expect in a Clerk of Works role including what you can expect to earn. Clerk of Works roles are also sometimes described as Site Inspectors or Quality Technical Inspectors.…

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Why is it important to write good job descriptions for construction jobs?

Companies must guarantee they’re employing top calibre staff in order to keep business running smoothly and successfully. Over time, staff may leave and need to be replaced, or a particularly busy period might lead to a rise in employment needs. Without high quality employees, how can a business hope to succeed?…

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Hong Kong Construction Salary Report January 2022

The Hong Kong construction industry continues to ebb and flow and currently is buoyant and set to be very busy both over the coming months and we anticipate for at least the next 5 years. Here, we take a look at current salaries available for critical disciplines within the construction industry and share key drivers, terms and conditions in the local market as well as what it takes to secure that next great job.…

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Industry News

Location picked for supersonic airliner factory

An airport in the US state of North Carolina is to be the site of the first factory for Boom Supersonic’s new airliner.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 27 January, 09:03

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Sector Focus: Safe as houses?

The house-building industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. And although some of the bigger house-builders look to be in good shape, the overall picture is far from sparkling. David Taylor reports

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 27 January, 09:01

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TClarke sees workload soar

With record order books, publicly-listed building services contractor TClarke plc expects its turnover to top £500m for the first time next year.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 27 January, 08:58

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Scotland sets out £60m plan for EV charging

The Scottish government has set out new proposals for expanding the public infrastructure to charge electric vehicles.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 27 January, 08:53

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AS Homes wins £12m Glasgow project

AS Homes has won a contract worth over £12m for a housing project in Glasgow.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 27 January, 08:52

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