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  • Contract Administrator Vancouver, British Columbia - Negotiable Featured

    An exciting Contract Administrator is needed with Project Control, cost and commercial management experience to work on premium Vancouver infrastructure projects

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  • Cost Estimator Vancouver, British Columbia - To CAD$135,000 (neg)

    An exciting Estimating job role to work as part of a team on large civil engineering infrastructure projects, and to work independently on your own smaller estimating project work. Great training provided.

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  • Project Manager Vancouver, British Columbia - to CAD c$130,000

    Project Managers with at least 3 years’ experience of owner’s engineer and civils infrastructure work are needed in the Vancouver region for jobs on large scale infrastructure work valued at $Billions of Canadian Dollars

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  • Environmental Manager Toronto, Ontario - CAD Negotiable on Experience

    Exciting Environmental Manager job vacancy to support the construction delivery of a new rail project in Toronto region.

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  • Field Engineer Construction Vancouver, British Columbia - Negotiable

    A Field Engineer / Site Supervisor construction job opportunity to monitor and report on site progress on a number of highway and civil engineering projects being constructed across British Columbia

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  • Environmental Project Manager Vancouver, British Columbia - CAD Negotiable on Experience

    Exciting Environmental Project Manager job to work on live multi-year infrastructure projects in the Vancouver region.

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  • Lead Cost Estimator Houston, Texas - cUSD$150,000

    A Lead Cost Estimator job to work on oil & gas projects using Que$tor (Questor) software

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  • Senior Project Manager Vancouver, Canada - CAD$160,000+

    A Senior Project Manager job role to be Client Project Manager on a range of civil engineering infrastructure projects in Vancouver, Canada.  A proactive Client Senior Project Manager is needed to provide project delivery services on major marine, port, tunnel, road, bridge, transit, and rail projects.

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  • Managing Quantum Claims Consultant Vancouver, British Columbia - £50 to 90k

    Managing Quantum Claims Consultant job vacancy in Vancouver, Canada with a leading construction claims and construction industry Dispute Consultancy.

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  • Managing Quantum Claims Consultant Toronto, Ontario - £50 to 90k

    Managing Quantum Claims Consultant job vacancy in Toronto, Canada with a leading construction claims and construction industry Dispute Consultancy.

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About Canada & Americas

From the Northern climes of Canada, to the warmth of the Southern States, there are demands for all types of construction industry workers.

The construction industry in North America is wide and varied. Enjoying two of the largest economies in the world, all types of construction jobs are available in Canada and the USA from Civil Engineers to Project Managers. The USA and Canada also boast two of the largest construction GVA’s in the world.

The USA can claim many engineering feats, including the first known skyscraper. And Canada can lay claim to Edouard Arsenault’s Bottle House, a house built entirely of bottles, 25,000 of them.    

Canada and the USA are a self-contained world in their own right, encompassing everything the rest of the world has to offer in only two countries and as such, can provide the cream of constructions roles and jobs for all candidates.        

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