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About Managing Quantity Surveyors

A job as a Managing Quantity Surveyor can be rewarding and well paid senior management employment. Managing Quantity Surveyors are typically employed by main contractors or specialist subcontractors to supervise or to work to administer the commercial and contractual function at a pre and post contract stage.

Managing Quantity Surveyors job vacancies can be found in a range of construction sectors including building contracting, civil engineering contracting and with M&E and other specialist areas of subcontracting.

The career path of a Managing Quantity Surveyor can begin as a Trainee or Graduate QS, and progress to a Senior Quantity Surveyor job on site or based at head office. A Managing Quantity Surveyor can further progress to a Commercial Manager role with responsibility for managing all QS staff on a project or across a geographic region.

Proven Quantity Surveying and Managing Quantity Surveying professionals are in great demand with job vacancies on projects in London, across the South East of England, across the UK and abroad in Middle East locations such as Dubai as well as in Hong Kong and across Asia.

The recruitment consultants at Maxim, based in our offices in the UK, Dubai and Hong Kong, have been finding jobs for Commercial Managers in the construction industry across the UK, Middle East and Asia since 2003.

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