A Fast Track Summary for HS2 Construction

Abbreviated to HS2, the High Speed 2 rail link from London Euston, to Birmingham and Manchester is currently one of the big UK construction jobs. Linking the capital with The North of England, the HS2 will provide a quick and efficient connective service bringing North and South temporally closer together.  

The Cost of High Speed

HS2 Ltd are the company set up specifically to oversee the HS2 project. It is government funded by grant-in-aid and Phase 1 has a budget of £44.6 billion with a contingency of £9.6bn. Phase 2a has an estimated cost of £5.2-7.2bn. A lot of money by any construction sector’s standard. This is a long-term construction project and estimated costs do not allow for inflation. A projected eastern arm linking to Leeds, which was part of phase 2b has been withdrawn for the time being and not budgeted for.

Construction Industry Jobs

The HS2 has and will create many jobs for the construction industry sectors, encompassing many different skill sets, from general labourers to Project Managers and all those in-between.

Construction recruitment for the new High Speed 2 trains being built in Derby and County Durham means 2500 jobs are supported by the construction of 54 HS2 trains.

As well as these 225mph new trains, there will be four new stations built. Euston is having an entire new building erected. Old Oak Common is a new station being built to the west of central London. Interchange Station will benefit Solihull, the NEC and Birmingham Airport. And Birmingham Curzon Street Station situated just outside the city centre will boast a net zero carbon while in operation.

Civil engineering recruitment on the HS2 is of course on a large scale. Five tunnels and many viaducts are being built helping and promoting many people’s construction careers.


The HS2 is mitigating environment damage as much as possible. With many projects within the constructions sectors, there is always issues with potential damage to and actual damage to the environment. Once the trains are up and running they will provide a different low carbon way of travelling longer distances. The stations are also being built with climate change and the future of the planet in mind. But, this of course can’t stop the more immediate and localised damage. The demolition of 400 homes, Grade II listed buildings have also been affected with some demolished, some receiving alterations and some relocated. In consideration for the Chiltern Hills, part of the track will be tunnelled under at 90 metres deep, with vegetation growing back over the top. The government also stated that 2 million treed would be planted to mitigate countryside disruption. According to the Woodland Trust the destruction of ancient woodland is on a massive scale, but both Woodland Trust and HS2 are trying to accommodate one another and meet halfway.

Although carbon dioxide omission will be high during construction, the running of the network will bring a far greener way to travel than regular trains, cars and aviation.

Finish Line

With Phase 1 due for completion somewhere between 2029-2033, Phase 2a around 2035, and further high speed-links on into the mid 2040’s, the construction industry sectors have plenty of work into the foreseeable future. The HS2 already supports over 20,000 jobs directly. With the HS2 supporting UK construction recruitment, from London construction jobs at Euston and Old Oak Common, to Birmingham and Manchester, and with the mindful approach to the environment and the future, not only are UK construction jobs well supported but so are future generations.

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