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A New Recruitment Consultant at Maxim Recruitment: A month in the life of Natasha

As the newest member of the Maxim Recruitment team, I thought it would be interesting in my first blog, to reflect on the first month in my new recruitment job.

I have first and foremost been accepted into a very welcoming and diverse company and I have quickly been put at ease with the friendly attitudes, professionalism and enthusiasm of the consultants and management in both the UK and the Hong Kong office.

It is important to me, as with any new starter in a job, that I prove myself and demonstrate why it was a good choice to hire me in the first place.

As I really enjoy talking to people and working with people I have found the world of international construction recruitment a very interesting and enjoyable career choice so far. I have already spoken with many different people in the construction industry with job titles ranging from Site Engineer to Project Director and CEO; increasingly without fear and with growing confidence that I can add value to their companies or careers.

I have already seen the benefit of building personal relationships and networking with employers and job seekers in the construction industry.  However, networking and business development isn’t easy. Do I yet have the right credentials to be worth talking to as a humble new construction industry recruitment consultant? Time will certainly tell, however just as you meet lifelong friends in your first few months at university, I feel confident that I am making some great contacts with which I will build my career & help build the careers of others.  It may just be that a conversation with me could kickstart your career in the Middle East or find you the star-performing employee you need in Dubai or Qatar!

As a recruitment consultant focusing on recruiting for the Middle East, including Dubai, we are hoping that the World Expo will be awarded to Dubai.  If it is, it will symbolically mark the return of Dubai as a shining beacon of opportunity and growth. “Connecting Minds, Creating Futures” is a fitting catchphrase both for the expo & for new beginnings for anyone looking at change and advancement in their careers – and I’m happy for my career to be judged in the difference I can make in the careers of the people I am keen to work with.

Natasha Bailey
Recruitment Consultant
Maxim Recruitment – Middle East Division

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