Australia is busy!

Posted by Richard Poulter, Construction Recruitment Director, Hong Kong on Monday, January 23, 2023

We have been working with a niche Sydney-based claims and disputes consultancy and I was chatting recently with the owner and MD who reiterated the enormous ongoing challenge they have to find local suitably qualified and experienced construction quantum and delay claims and disputes staff. Their business predominantly focuses on claims, disputes and advisory covering the Australian and New Zealand markets with contractors being their prime target customer.

Infrastructure in Australia is booming, where a busy construction disputes and arbitration hub is evolving. Notwithstanding, the demand for specialist delay and quantum claims consultants who have transitioned from traditional roles such as Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager, Contract Administrator, Planning Engineer and Project Controls Manager, is far outstripping supply right now. Indeed there seems to be a global shortage of good delay analysts who have made the move from traditional planning-based careers.

Quantum and Delay Claims and Dispute Job Opportunities

You may be pleased to read that there are excellent job opportunities for British and other international quantum and delay claims and disputes professionals in Australia.

Securing a visa to work and live in Australia has historically been a challenge unless your experience and skillsets slot into a very niche category. However today, whilst you may not see Delay Analyst, Claims Consultant or Quantum Consultant on an immigration skills check list, we are well aware of the challenges to employ good claims and disputes candidates and visas can be granted in the right circumstances.

Opportunities for experienced professionals are available to all nationalities with the right skill sets and experience, so, if you are a quantum or delay, claims and disputes professional who is looking for an opportunity in a vibrant country with an enviable climate, then Australia could be calling for you!

The Market

We have witnessed a multiple specialist claims consultancies with British roots, grow their numbers in Australia over the last few years. They range from global specialist claims and disputes consultancies to the smaller boutique consultancies. The bottom line is, there really is something for everyone, whether you like working for a large corporate client or prefer a smaller business where you can feel like you’re making a real impact on a sharp learning curve!  And for those who have already embarked on a specialist claims and disputes career, the opportunity to progress into a lead expert role is real.

Salaries & Cost of Living

Here is a salary guide based on typical levels of seniority within these claims and disputes employers.

Seniority Level

Average Salary (AUD$/pa)



Senior Consultant


Associate Director






Typically, Sydney is the most expensive city to live in, followed by Melbourne, then Perth and Brisbane, with Adelaide widely regarded as one of the cheaper major cities to live in.

Live quantum and delay construction jobs in Australia

I am currently working with consultancies predominantly interested in speaking with quantum professionals who are seriously interested in moving to Sydney. They are ideally looking for candidates who have either worked for reputable, specialist claims consultancies in Australia or other parts of the World such as the UK, Middle East, Asia and the Americas. They are also interested in those who have worked for reputable contractors on major infrastructure projects globally and have some experience in managing claims and disputes.

There may opportunities for candidates who have had regular exposure to formal dispute proceedings such as adjudication, arbitration and/or litigation and for those with strong report writing skills who have assisted legal teams and ‘experts’.

I’m super keen to hear from anyone who might fit the bill with a desire to move to Sydney in the very near future. Please get in touch by sending your CV.

All the very best for the 2023!

Richard Poulter
Richard Poulter
Construction Recruitment Director, Hong Kong
Maxim Recruitment

Richard has successfully recruited for the construction industry for the past 13 years following 15 years as a civil engineer and construction project manager. He is based in Hong Kong and responsible for Maxim Recruitment operations in Hong Kong, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.