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Changing Jobs: The Unseen Benefits

The Construction Market in Hong Kong is currently going through a period of high growth and this has led to a high number of construction professionals changing jobs. When it comes to looking for a new job opportunity people might think the only reason to move would be for a higher salary, however it is becoming increasingly common for people to change jobs for other than simply a pay rise.  Here are a few of the other main reasons for a job move we have seen recently:

Lack of Career Progression.
People who have been in the same role for a number of years can often become pigeon holed into working on a specific type of project – this restricts their ability to learn new skills which can stunt future career growth and earning potential. The chance to work in a more senior role on the latest and greatest construction project can often be a great motivator when considering a new job opportunity.

Increase Your Earning Potential in the Long Run.
Companies competing for similar work can often have large pay scale differences for the same role. For example, you may find that a smaller sub contractor doesn't have the consistent work of its larger counterpart, but makes up for it by providing specialist service that allows them to charge higher rates – which in turn allows them to pay staff a higher salary for doing the same role as at another larger company. However the flip side to this is that smaller companies will have less opportunities to progress further on to top tier pay levels, whereas a large international contractor may be offering a lower starting salary but can offer more long term opportunities for promotion and pay rises. This sort of choice is definitely one to talk through with your recruitment consultant advisor as well as to consider carefully.

Your Current Job Doesn't Challenge You Enough.
People often talk about wanting a "cushy" job -- one where the work is easy, slow-paced and not challenging at all. The reality of this type of working environment is quite different. A job can indeed be too easy, with disastrous consequences for your happiness and career growth. Sources suggest that the perfect job involves doing work outside-your-comfort-zone around 20% of the time. This is enough of a challenge to keep you on your toes, without leaving you overwhelmed and stressed. So the chance to work on a major MTR project with highly technical and complex challenges could be the perfect reason to change jobs and push yourself outside your comfort zone!  You will thank yourself once the move has been made!

Make Your next Career Move Carefully!
People often view a job change as a way of promoting themselves to a better position, and this may be true. However, you should always be sure your new job offers you the means to satisfy your values and long term goals. At times, waiting for internal promotion with your current employer can be the best thing to do.  For instance, there's no real reason to change jobs for a little more money if the company has limited career opportunities and has little influence in the wider market. In fact money really should have little influence on a career decision unless you are really being taken advantage of by your current employer.

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Tim Cole
Recruitment Consultant
Maxim Recruitment - Hong Kong & Asia Region 


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