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Construction Climate in UK & EU Departure

With the EU referendum coming June 23rd, the jury is out on the effects the results will have on the UK economy. Meanwhile the polls suggest that the country is fairly evenly split between staying or leaving although the UK construction industry come out with a majority in favour of staying in.

David Cameron insists that coming out of the EU will mean less investment available for the UK's infrastructure industry affecting many projects already in development. This would be due to lack of funding from the European Investment Bank which has been responsible for £16 billion for UK project investment during the last three years.

Those in favour of leaving say we will have more control over governing our own country.

While the banking community suggest that there will be an inevitable downturn in the economy and growth. But opposing sides will never agree and it is down to the British public to decipher what they feel is best and vote accordingly.

Even if the outcome is to leave, it is estimated it will take at least two years before the details are finalised. If we stay, the newly negotiated terms that Cameron agreed earlier in the year will come into immediate action.

Should the UK Construction Industry be Panicking?

Probably not is the short answer. Many of the big infrastructure projects - the HS2, Crossrail 2 and the Thames Tideway - are already agreed and funding is in place.

The Queen's Speech last month confirmed the government's commitment to the UK's infrastructure too. Noting that in the last few years, improvements made and planned have moved us back up the top ten in world-wide ranks for infrastructure investment. We are now ranking above France, Germany and Japan.

Transport has seen the biggest investment of £400 billion over the last few years; the investment in rail travel has even prompted Hitachi to move their global rail headquarters to the UK.

There are loads of projects already in development, many of which we've spoken of before and in this speech, more commitments are mentioned. These include the go-ahead for the HS3 link between Leeds and Manchester and £80 million to develop Crossrail 2. Funds were also allocated to maintain and improve existing roads i.e. funds for pot hole improvements and for highway maintenance.

The Barbour ABI Review

This monthly economic and construction market review shows that construction contracts were up during April. Infrastructure followed by energy contracts topped the charts but commercial and private properties were also looking good.

The largest proportion on contracts in the construction industry were awarded in Scotland followed by the North West and then London and the South East.

Many Opportunities

The jobs market place still looks good. We currently have more than 500 opportunities throughout the UK in a variety of roles including:

  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Estimators
  • Cost Managers
  • Project Surveyors
  • Management Consultants
  • Project Coordinators
  • Contract Managers
  • Concrete Frame Planners
  • Civil and Planning Engineers
  • Design Managers
  • Site and Commercial Managers
  • Planners

With so many opportunities waiting for you all around the UK, please make sure that you submit your CV to us so that you are ready to roll with the opportunities.



Steve Thomas
Director - Hong Kong & UK Construction Recruitment Specialist

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