Construction Employer Recruitment in 2024

Posted by Daria Tkach, Senior Recruitment Consultant on Monday, January 8, 2024

A New Year offers us all a new start, which is why it is common that the first few months of the year are some of the most popular and busiest months for employers and job seekers. Now, is a perfect time for employers to refocus their efforts on filling the vacancies that might have been a struggle towards the end of last year. A lot of employees have had a good holiday and come back to work thinking it would be good to be making a fresh start in a new role in the hope of achieving more in the year ahead.

Many construction professionals take advantage of the holiday season to reflect on their career paths and consider new employment opportunities if they are perceived to be able to accelerate their career and financial targets. The team of recruitment consultants at Maxim Recruitment have over 20 years’ experience assisting to identify and shortlist the most suitable candidates for your needs.

I would advise trying to get a head start in the hiring and recruitment process early in the New Year, as other employers will also be refocusing their recruitment efforts. In today’s highly competitive market for skilled construction professionals, this is important, so that you have a better chance of getting first refusal on good candidates and securing the top talent first.

Recruiting is of course a two way process, and once you understand what skills you want to attract, you need to reconfirm that your construction organisation is going to be sufficiently attractive to premium candidates. Employees continue to seek out jobs that offer not just financial rewards, but a great workplace culture, hybrid and flexible work arrangements, and professional development or career growth opportunities. These are important factors to consider when taking your vacancy and the candidate proposition you have to market.

The hiring process and proposition needs to be compelling, to maximise your chances of securing the best candidates available. The team at Maxim Recruitment across the UK, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia all have extensive experience in identifying and promoting the employer value proposition to prospective employees – as long as you have already established it and know what it is! As a specialist construction recruitment agency, we specialise in the building, civil engineering, and consulting sectors of the construction industry, within niche areas including Quantity Surveying, Engineering, Planning, Estimating, and construction claims and disputes.

Mapping out a clear and timely interview process is important to ensure success.  It is important to not keep candidates waiting for long periods in between each hiring stage. For example, it is wise to move quickly from the first stage interview to the second stage and to share all the relevant feedback with the assessed applicants as soon as possible. Keeping candidates waiting can not only increase the likelihood of losing them to your competitors, but it can also poorly impact your company’s reputation and image in the market.

At Maxim Recruitment we prioritise making the hiring process for our clients as efficient and seamless as possible. We do this in a number of ways including by ensuring a rigorous interviewing process. We make sure that the candidates are interested in working for you and that their salary expectations match what is possible to be offered. With our specialised construction industry expertise, we offer a tailored and knowledgeable service to both job seekers and employers.

In conclusion, we recommend that construction employers take advantage of the positive recruitment market conditions that are found in the early part of the New Year to strategically enhance their teams. By recruiting skilled individuals early in the year, you can establish a strong foundation for growth and success in the calendar year ahead. Furthermore, even if you are not looking to hire until the new financial year in April, a candidate on a 3 months’ notice period would still need to be identified now in order to start work in April.

Maxim Recruitment consultants are dedicated to supporting our client employers’ to identify and welcome onboard the best talent to ensure your business objectives in 2024 are achieved.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how Maxim Recruitment can help further.

Daria Tkach
Daria Tkach
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Maxim Recruitment

Daria is a Senior Recruitment Consultant with day-to-day responsibility for researching, shortlisting, contacting, and interviewing premium construction industry candidates. Daria works with our UK team to help construction industry jobseekers into exciting new construction jobs with our market leading employer clients. Daria also covers the Canadian market as part of her international recruitment responsibilities. Her focus is on Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and other major cities in Canada.