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Developing A Specialist Rail Desk At Maxim

I’ve been at Maxim Recruitment for a month now, and I would like to think I’m getting a good grasp of a new dedicated area of construction recruitment – that of the specialist rail sector.

Although Maxim has placed many successful rail candidates in the past, until now rail has not been at the centre of our thinking with it being covered within the civil engineering/infrastructure portfolio. With the opening of a new desk concerned with ‘all things rail’ our aim is to also become a leading name in the specialist rail recruitment sector.

I’m attacking the challenge of growing this area of the business from three angles;

Developing a Client Base
Without developing a client base, I won’t have jobs to fill or anything to attract premium candidates to apply for or express an interest in.  Therefore the first challenge was to introduce myself and Maxim to all of the major specialist rail companies in the Hong Kong and Asia region.  With a little perseverance I’ve already developed some excellent client contacts and secured some exciting rail openings for Maxim candidates.  I am of course looking to increase this & would appreciate any contact referrals any newsletter readers can share with me.

Developing a Candidate Base
My next aim was to develop a live candidate list. This was done by emailing and having numerous phone conversations with rail specialists scattered all over the globe that have previously been in touch with Maxim over the last 10 years of our operations. This proved to be vital in getting a feel for what skills are in demand in what locations and also an understanding of which projects are beginning or ending around the world.

My final challenge was to build quality personal relationships with potential customers and stakeholders.  For me personally this has been the easiest part of the challenge so far. To me this aspect of developing a new recruitment desk couples perfectly with playing rugby in Hong Kong. The team which I play for, Hong Kong Cricket Club, has a vast network of construction professionals within its organisation. Being involved with the club has allowed me to meet some of the most prominent figures in Hong Kong’s construction industry. Whether it’s having a beer in the bar after a game or attending the 7’s long lunch, these networking opportunities constantly present themselves. I find it a great way to get the inside ‘scoop’ on new contracts being awarded, develop some new contacts and further my general understanding of the construction industry.

In summary, the rail desk here at Maxim is definitely starting to move with my ongoing efforts and support from the senior management and consultants at Maxim in Hong Kong and in the UK office. With a steady stream of jobs now coming in, coupled with some excellent live candidates, we’re heading in the exact direction we need to be.

If you’re interested in any specialist rail positions or need help filling any niche rail positions, please feel free to contact me and I’d be glad to help.

Ben Roberts
Recruitment Consultant
Maxim Recruitment Hong Kong & Asia Region

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