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Diversity of Construction Labour Source in Macau

Without doubt, the construction industry in Macau has grown rapidly in the last few years. More and more housing, hotel, casino, railway and road projects will be starting in the next few years. This growing market definitely attracts many construction experts from all over the world, especially Hong Kong.

Because of geographic and many other issues, some people may not be that willing to work and station in Macau. According to The president of Hong Kong Construction Sub-Contractors Association, the number of construction workers traveling to Macau was only two to three percent of the 200,000 qualified workers in the construction industry. However, in order to attract the best talent, construction firms in Macau are offering a much more competitive wage than what is currently being offered in Hong Kong. With the chance of earning as much as a 30 percent higher wage in Macau, more and more people are considering a career development in Macau although rental and other living costs have risen fast recently.

According to a recent report, conducted by the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the amount of non-resident laborers from Hong Kong working in the construction industry in Macau has tripled in the previous two years. By the end of July, there were 4,685 registered Hong Kong construction workers in Macau. This is surging by more than 3.7 times compared to the 1,305 workers who had been registered during the same period two years ago. Some Hong Kong construction workers may travel to Macau with their Hong Kong ID and work there illegally, which increases the possibility that the actual number may be higher than the official number given.

Apart from Hong Kong residents, people from all over the world, such as UK, USA and Australia, to name but a few, are also attracted by this optimistic market and considering a career development in Macau. As a result, the combination of workforce in Macau has a very high diversity.

Being an expat in Macau is not that uncommon nowadays. However, Government actions, such as the 1:1 ratio, cuts in foreign worker quotas and raids to find illegal workers, increase demand for local workers. Finding these local workers and retaining them now becomes the new challenge for employers in Macau.

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