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Dubai Mall of the Emirates Expansion Project Award Nears (US$275m)

There are many planned projects in Dubai currently at the latter stage of the tendering process, however one in particular seems very close to award. That is the planned expansion of the Mall of Emirates (MOE), which has an estimated value of US$275m.

Maxim Recruitment has been tracking the developments of the expansion to the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai as this redevelopment has been simmering for some time. Negotiations and talks of whom the expansion will be awarded to have circulated around the Middle East, but now the temperature has been turned up to a scorching excited buzz of anticipation!

The Mall of the Emirates is arguably most famous for its indoor ski slope and will be expanding further with their most ambitious project to date, called ‘Evolution 2015’. Already one of the countries most popular tourist destinations, the expansion is hoped to boost its visitor numbers and keep it competitive with other Malls in the country such as the Dubai Mall.

This would be the MOE’s second expansion since 2005 with the Fashion Dome the previous addition & launch back in 2010. By 2012 almost half the retail stores already dedicated to Fashion served an impressive 44% increase in total sales. The latest expansion could be a newer, even more attractive meeting point for visitors and also benefit the emirates’ wider aspirations for the award of Dubai Fashion 2020. This will be another reason for people to visit Dubai. So what will be new?

There will be a new space dedicated to 80 more luxury brands, and the MOE will be looking to surpass competition by expanding further the luxury retail areas, adding a sports and leisure precinct, up scaling dining options, revamping existing boutiques, two new hotel developments, four new supermarkets, a 14 screen cinema complex, two new hypermarkets and up grading two existing hotels.

The award is expected at end of September 2013 and at this point, the world will finally know who the project will be awarded to.The consequence of this of course will be some pretty major construction job opportunities for expatriate construction professionals.We of course have a hunch on who the award will be going to, and have an open door into the potential new employer and all the job roles they will be needing to fill urgently.

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If you are Interested in being considered for a role on this project (or similar construction projects in the Middle East), please get in touch with Maxim Recruitment with an up to date CV.

Natasha Bailey
Recruitment Consultant
Maxim Recruitment – Middle East Region

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