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Dubai’s Aladdin City Construction Project Ramps Up

Dubai is a city that continues to develop with incredible buildings offering a raft of opportunities for construction professionals across the board.

One of the major projects is Aladdin City which Dubai Municipality plans to create inspired by the fantasy of the Arabian Nights at Dubai Creek. The drawings show three towers linked by bridges in the shapes of fantasy creatures such as dragons and snakes, continuing the fairytale image of this venture.

Planning Stages

It was first announced in 2014 but is only now going into the detailed planning stages in the hands of the Meinhardt Group. Planning is expected to be completed in a year's time so it will be a little while before the project goes out to tender.

The Dubai Municipality has not disclosed the cost of this 4,000 acre project but confirm that they have the money to complete it.

A Mega Project

Aladdin City looks set to create a spectacle in this ever growing and glowing city. It will consist of three towers which look more like Aladdin's lamp than towers. They will rise into the sky up to 34, 26 and 25 storeys high and will house hotel and commercial space as well as residential units for 160,000. There will be parking for up to 900 cars. The two parking lots will have public parks on top of them; no opportunities are missed in a design like this.

Beneath the fantasy exterior of the bridges connecting the towers, the parking lots and driveways, there will air-conditioned space and moving floors.

The space that the three towers will bring will total of 110,000 square metres. There is nothing small and demure here.

Get Involved

Once this mega project gets underway, there will be many exciting opportunities for those wishing to work in the Middle East in construction. We anticipate an influx of roles in quantity surveying, engineering, project management and planning roles at all levels. Completion of Aladdin City is expected in 2018.

To be in with a chance, make sure your CV is registered with us and keep an eye on our website as opportunities for this and other projects in the Middle East become available.



Richard Poulter
Middle East, Hong Kong &Asia Construction Recruitment Specialist

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