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Dubai World Central Renamed 'Dubai South'

Dubai World Central is the development everyone wants to be part of in the UAE. This is the new 145 square kilometre city being built south of Dubai that will eventually host the 2020 World Expo site and all its related infrastructure.

Well as of last month the Dubai World Central site has been rebranded Dubai South. Chairman of Dubai Aviation City Corporation Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum announced the plans a couple of weeks ago stating “The name is iconic and will become instantly recognisable for years to come.”

I do tend to agree, Dubai South does sound more like an actual City in the traditional sense compared to Dubai World Central. This one gets the thumbs up from me!

Even more significant than this in terms of potential recruitment news though; there was finally some movement on contract awards for the development. The contract for infrastructure design and construction supervision was announced this week for the whole of the 458 hectare site.

This is a huge step forwards for the project and suggests we may actually see some significant recruitment on the project for late this year and early next year.

Two of the most significant projects within this development are the site for the Expo 2020 and Dubai World Central Airport which plan to be Dubai's largest airport after receiving an upgrade worth tens of billions of dollars. You can read more on the ambitious plans for DWC Airport in my earlier blog.

Dubai South is expected to generate in the region of 500,000 jobs across all sectors and house a population of up to twice this amount. The city will need to be sustainable after the Expo's are completed to make the investment worthwhile and the government are actively encouraging developments within the city.

Real estate firms and major international hoteliers have already announced plans within the city and various business districts have been assigned within the master plan with particular emphasis on aviation and logistics due to its close proximity to what will eventually be Dubai's largest airport.

With much of the site planned to be completed by 2019 due to Dubai hosting the Expos in 2020, it feels like the time is now for much of the work to start if they are going to be completed on time. I must add that whilst DWC Airport will likely see some upgrades before 2019, its completion is not expected for many years after the Expo has been and gone.

However, the plans for the Expo site are ambitious enough without the surrounding infrastructure. The site will be a gated 200 hectare site with a central pavilion. It will have 3 zones to the development, each having its own traditional souk, focal entertainment and exhibition area as well as themed pavilions. The site will also boast an autonomous people mover system to get people around the site.

This is a flagship project for the UAE and will no doubt be an exciting project to work on as they take an area of Dubai which is largely dessert and convert it to and brand new shiny city.

If you are interested in relocating to Dubai as a construction professional then, please ensure you have uploaded your CV to the Maxim web-site so that our consultants can contact you with suitable vacancies as they arise.

In particular, candidates that have worked in the UAE or Middle East region previously are in demand. However there are and will continue to be opportunities for premium construction professionals with reasonable salary expectations wanting to move to the region for the first time.



Stuart Hackett
Senior Recruitment Consultant – Middle East
Maxim Recruitment

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