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Energy Industry Sees Growth in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong energy industry is set for a sustained period of growth over the next five to eight years. With investments being made into new natural gas-fired electricity generators, a wide range of project roles will need to be filled to deliver these projects.

Hong Kong’s Energy History

Hong Kong has no local energy resources to produce all the energy that its citizens require. As a result, much of their energy is predominantly generated through imported fossil fuels and nuclear power, with only a small amount provided from renewable energy sources. This considerable dependence on fossil fuels has significant impacts on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. 

Source: Hong Kong Environment Bureau, Future Fuel Mix for Electricity Generation Consultation Document


Planning Ahead for 2020 and Beyond

However, this situation is changing. The Hong Kong Environment Bureau has started their plans to change the future fuel mix options, aiming to increase natural gas usage to 50% and significantly decrease coal as an energy source by 2020. In 2016, the Hong Kong Government approved the construction of two new gas-fired generating units to meet their Fuel Mix Target, with phased decommissioning of coal-fired plants.

Source: Hong Kong Environment Bureau, Climate Action Plan 2030+

High-Calibre Staff Required

With plans underway for these ambitious targets, demand is high for skilled staff in a wide range of occupations. Maxim Recruitment are searching for candidates to fill roles in finance, human resources, information technology, and risk management, as well as project engineers for renewable energy and sustainability.

For building works on the new gas-fired generating plants, engineers and analysts are required for a range of engineering disciplines, including electrical, electronics, mechanical, civil, structural, safety and quality.

New Horizons

Globally, energy demands continue to increase, and climate change is on government agendas worldwide. The energy industry will be at the forefront of innovation for the foreseeable future to meet these needs. If you have experience in any of these fields but have never worked in this industry before, this could be the perfect opportunity to explore an exciting new career and lead the way to a more sustainable future. 


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