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So you’re looking for a construction job overseas! The question then becomes, ‘How do I go about finding the right job for me?’


Many find contacting a construction recruitment agency such as ourselves at Maxim Recruitment to be a worthwhile exercise. However, with so many recruitment agencies in the market, how do you know which one is right for you?


Firstly it is important that as a candidate you are clear on what type of job you are looking for and the locations in which you would like to work. From here, you can go about researching which agency is most qualified to help you achieve your goals.


There are many construction recruitment agencies out there. However not all will deal with jobs that are relevant to you despite them being a construction recruitment agency. Each agency will have its specialisms, whether that be in terms of location or specific types of jobs within the construction industry. This is where, if you are clear in your mind on the type of job you are looking for it becomes easier to find the right recruitment agency for you.


For example, if you are a Quantity Surveyor looking for work overseas you may want to check how many Quantity Surveyor jobs an agency has advertised as a good indicator of whether they are right for you or not. If they have 2 jobs advertised and a host of Project Management jobs, then you may decide that they are too specialist towards international PM jobs to meet your needs.


Another key indicator as to who may be the correct construction recruitment agency to be dealing with is how likely are they are to have suitable jobs in locations that you would like to work in. Again, this can usually be determined by jobs posted on their website as well as related blogs and articles on their website. Also check where the company has offices (we have UK, Hong Kong & Abu Dhabi recruitment offices) . It is not essential for a recruitment consultancy to be present in a particular country to find you work, however if they have it could be an advantage.


When registering with a construction recruitment agency, you are essentially asking them to represent you to construction industry employers. This being said, it is of paramount importance that you choose an agency with a positive reputation in their chosen field to represent you. Remember that, the more well known a company is does not necessarily make them more reputable. Ask colleagues and friends for referrals to construction recruitment agencies they have had good experiences with in the past. Some people prefer a smaller more niche recruitment agency offering a personal service such as Maxim Recruitment to more larger agencies who some think treat their customers as ‘numbers’.


If you take time to consider the above points and do some research into the construction recruitment agencies and consultants out there, you can save yourself time and effort by not having to send your CV out to every recruitment agency on the internet. Instead you can have a more considered approach to finding the right job by choosing a recruitment agency that fully understands your specific needs and also has the ability to find you the best jobs available in your market place.


Maxim Recruitment are specialists in global construction recruitment. Our core business is Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Engineering jobs in overseas locations around the world including the UK, Middle East and the Far East, Hong Kong, Malaysian & Singapore markets amongst others.


We have over 30 years experience between even just our 3 senior consultants in placing candidates in construction related jobs. It is from our recruitment office in Hong Kong that we are using to develop the fast growing Asian markets such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore as well as Australia and New Zealand. Our UK Head Office continues to be the hub from which all of Maxim’s overseas work is supported, and liaises closely with the Middle East operations & other worldwide recruitment work, including the Caribbean, Africa & Eastern Europe.


So if Maxim Recruitment sound like the agency that could help you find your target job overseas, please feel free to review our latest & featured construction jobs on our award winning website www.maximrecruitment.co.uk or do a full job search at www.maximrecruitment.co.uk/jobsearch.aspx. If you are looking for a construction job in Hong Kong you can go direct to www.maximrecruitment.hk


Good Luck!

Stuart Hackett  (Maxim Recruitment UK)
Steve Thomas (Maxim Recruitment Hong Kong Office)

Richard Poulter (Maxim Recruitment Middle East & Hong Kong Offices)





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