Green Construction Growing Fast in Canada

Posted by Steve Thomas on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Energy efficiency is high on everyone’s agenda, but Canada in particular is seeing major growth in this sector. In 2018 alone, energy efficiency roles accounted for 20% of all construction jobs in Canada, with an increase of 8.3% in direct employment in the construction industry expected in 2019 just for energy efficiency roles. Interestingly, job creation in this area is expected to rise faster than the Canadian economy as a whole. With this amount of opportunity, it’s an excellent time to consider a new job in construction in an exciting and rapidly growing area.

Energy Efficiency and Construction

So, how does energy efficiency growth affect construction jobs in Canada? As construction professionals, we are well placed to help tackle climate change by designing and building sustainable homes and public buildings with innovative designs, materials and construction methods. Two-thirds of all energy efficiency jobs in Canada are in construction, covering areas such as producing or installing energy-saving products and materials, providing services that reduce end-use energy consumption, or building design and contracting services that provide energy-efficiency measures.

What Opportunities Are Available?

Despite the rapid pace of job creation, there aren’t enough staff to fill all the energy efficiency jobs in Canada. Nearly half of all energy efficiency establishments in the construction industry find it very difficult to find staff. And it isn’t just hands-on roles that are required, either – management and professional roles are the second largest employment category, accounting for 20% of the current workforce. With the expected job growth in this area, expect there to be fierce competition over the small talent pool available – which is good news for anyone considering energy efficiency construction jobs in Canada.

Canada Energy Infographic

What Projects are Available?

Energy efficiency affects the entire economy, so there are a wide range of energy efficiency projects in areas such as defence infrastructure, residential construction and public buildings. Net-zero energy ready homes, offices and public buildings – buildings that power and heat themselves – have all been built across the country, providing the impetus to drive forward more research, development and demonstration projects. More stringent building codes are currently in development and are expected to be published as early as next year, with net-zero energy codes planned to be published in 2022. This increasing focus on energy will be raising demand for energy efficiency construction jobs in Canada for the foreseeable future.

Time to Go Green

It’s an exciting time to be in construction, and the drive for energy efficiency will put many construction professionals at the cutting edge of innovation and development in our industry. If you’ve been considering construction jobs abroad, an energy efficiency construction job in Canada could be the change you are looking for. For an informal discussion about what your next role in Canada could be, contact Steve Thomas at

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