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Healthcare Opportunities in the Middle East

There is an abundance of opportunities coming available in the healthcare sector in the GCC region of the Middle East. Comprising Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Saudi Arabia, It is increasingly apparent that the healthcare industry in this region is not only expanding the amount of hospitals in the region, but also specializing the range of hospitals that are being constructed. 

Instead of commissioning 800-bed hospital projects offering more ‘general’ or ‘all-in-one’ healthcare, we are seeing and will see more investment placed into specific specialist aspects of healthcare. Clinics such as diabetes prevention and management (Saudi, the UAE and Kuwait are in the top 20 for world nations with the highest Diabetes levels),  education development and disease control centres that can prevent the onset of an epidemic – to name a few are all being planned and constructed as we speak. These construction projects will offer numerous management roles in the construction industry from healthcare architects to project director and quantity surveying job roles to mention but a few.

The United Arab Emirates has led the way in healthcare with Medical Cities such as the Dubai Healthcare City but now countries such as Saudi Arabia are greatly enhancing their provision though the range and numbers of healthcare projects being constructed,  In the GCC it has been estimated that within the next two decades healthcare expenditure is set to rise to USD$60 Billion. 

Such investments create a wealth of roles within the healthcare industry but also a wealth of construction opportunities and career opportunities for locals and expatriate professionals in construction. Specialist healthcare construction professionals such as Project Directors, Construction Managers and Project Managers – involved with client representation, site management, design management and supervision and commissioning are all urgently needed now and throughout 2015/16 and beyond. 

Hospital and healthcare construction experts will become more specialized around the world and within the GCC will be no exception. Maxim are finding that our design, cost, project management and contracting clients are looking further afield for the right candidates and considering construction professionals with experience globally and not centered wholly or in recent history, in the GCC. Further, candidates who have specific experience designing or constructing specialized hospitals will be sought to share their skills and experiences in the Middle East. This is a great opportunity for construction healthcare professionals currently in the UK or other leading healthcare construction environments to progress or fast track their careers.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are at the forefront of allocating spending on healthcare projects. However, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain are not far behind. Projects such as the King Abdullah Medical City will involve medical research, specialist training and have 200+ beds with additional student housing. Further, Kuwait has awarded three further hospital projects during 2014. 

Candidates who would consider working in these Middle Eastern countries in senior level management roles are encouraged to submit their CV to Maxim Recruitment and get in touch with me in the Dubai office to discuss career opportunities further.

Dan Kirk
Maxim Recruitment
Dubai Office

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