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Hong Kong – A Construction Professional's Playground!

Hong Kong – A Construction Professionals’ Playground

The Hong Kong construction sector has been rejuvenated following the launch of several large-scale infrastructure projects in recent years. This has led to an ongoing demand for construction professionals, particular those with a strong background in civil engineering projects. It’s fair to say this sudden surge in demand for civil engineering professionals has led to a major shortage of available manpower in Hong Kong. This in turn has had the knock on effect of driving up salaries as construction companies compete for the best candidates.

Hong Kong Construction Landscape:
For anyone unfamiliar with the construction landscape in Hong Kong, there are currently a significant amount of construction projects, the majority of which are Civil Engineering based. These include MTRC (Mass Transit Rail Corporation) line extensions, including tunnelling and new stations; large highway extensions and the construction of one of the world’s largest bridges from Hong Kong to Macau! These landmark Civil Engineering projects present suitably qualified candidates with an ideal opportunity to gain 'once in a lifetime' work experience.

Project Scale:
The number of construction projects in Hong Kong is also matched by the scale of the work. For example the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge comprising of a 29.6 km dual 3-lane carriageway is estimated to cost approximately HK$20 billion or GBP£1.7 billion, and this does not even include the 4 other associated road/tunnelling projects which will also cost into the billions! When talking about large scale projects in Hong Kong the MTRC extension projects are definitely worth a mention also. The largest of these features a 26km high speed Xpress Rail Link connecting Hong Kong with mainland China costing approximately HK$62 billion or GBP£5 billion. It’s fair to say construction projects in Hong Kong are BIG!

Let’s Not Forget About Build Projects!
The Civil Engineering projects in Hong Kong make it a playground for those professionals experienced in this field. However, the abundance of construction projects is not just limited to Civil Engineering works.  Build projects in Hong Kong are also playing their part in the current market boom. Large scale hospital developments, public sector residential projects and airport terminal buildings are part of the current make up of Build projects in Hong Kong. There are also several huge  Casino projects happening in Macau, one of the largest being the HK$20 billion Wynn Casino development in the Cotai Strip area. With a significant shortage of local workforce available in the local Macau area it is expected that a large portion of these project teams will be made up Construction professionals from Hong Kong or other international regions. This presents the ideal opportunity to get some experience working on these remarkable construction projects.

Start Your Asia Adventure:
So, whether your expertise is Civil Engineering or Build projects, and whether you a Commercial Manager/Quantity Surveyor or Engineer, Hong Kong can provide the perfect opportunity to sharpen your technical skills and develop your career on some of the largest and most incredible construction projects in the world. If you’re interested to find out more about what Hong Kong can offer please get in contact and one of our established resident Hong Kong recruitment specialists will be in touch to discuss your next move!

Tim Cole
Maxim Recruitment Hong Kong
July 2013


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