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Hong Kong Construction Networking - Is it Worthwhile?

Some people think that networking is great fun; others feel that it has to be avoided at all costs.  The reality is it depends on your level of motivation and what you want to get out of it. 

Who attends?
Construction Professionals from all parts of the Industry, from Commercial Managers to Structural Design Engineers to Strategic Claims Specialists go to a variety of different events.    There are different gatherings for different special interests in construction, technical areas and can be conducted in English or Cantonese.  My experience is that Hong Kong is an excellent place for these sort of events because individuals want to be in Hong Kong.  With such great transport links it’s also very easy to get to and from networking events from most parts of Hong Kong.  A great start for these events is that there is excellent common ground; we are a family of like-minded individuals but with our own slant on why we moved here.

Why should I go?
Networking in Hong Kong is a brilliant way to get to know people, whether it be in a business capacity or to expand your social circle.  Everyone in the construction industry has a story to tell, and some have many!  Amazingly enough there always seems to be someone who wants to help you or give you some advice from their experience in Hong Kong, whether it be recommending schools, the best areas to live or where to get a mean steak and chips.  And recently there is certainly a buzz about the projects in Qatar & Dubai, so plenty of chat on overseas jobs.  As Recruitment Consultants that cover Hong Kong, Middle East and UK we find people jobs regularly; however one of our greatest competitors is how people find their own interviews from networking their own professional contacts.

Where are they?
Networking can come in different shapes and sizes, whether it’s a business meeting over breakfast, lunch-time seminars or a few beers after work.  A favourite of the Maxim Recruitment team is the monthly Lighthouse Event, a bar full of Construction professionals with lots to talk about and happy to meet and chat to both new members and bump into old friends.  One of the best things for us is to be there and see Maxim candidates who we have helped to recruit into new jobs in the industry and who are now our clients, it’s nice to know we are getting it right.
If you are new to Hong Kong, why not send us your CV and ask us what the most relevant networking opportunities would be for your area of expertise.
To surmise, networking for construction professionals in Hong Kong is informative, interesting, very enjoyable and could in fact turn out to be the secret to your next career move!

Hope to see you soon.

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