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In Focus: Quantity Surveying Jobs in Dubai

A Great Time to Work in Quantity Surveying

So, you want to a quantity surveyor job in Dubai? Good choice, says Maxim Recruitment. Oil rich Dubai’s construction industry dominates the Gulf. And its public and private civil engineering sector is set to power forward well into the new Millennium.

Thousands of jobs for quantity surveyors, engineers and the like are being created as Dubai fast becomes the trade and service hub of the Middle East. This demand is driving world-class construction at a remarkable page, requiring the services of the best quantity surveyors in the industry. Multi-million pound projects spring into life across the Dubai skyline almost on a daily basis, in the process creating hundreds of jobs for UK expatriate quantity surveyors at the pre-contract, post-contract and final account stages. Few can have missed the publicity surrounding the iconic man-made palm tree-shaped resorts - Jumeirah, Jebel Ali and Deira - sprouting out of Dubai’s coastline; a great project to have listed on your CV!

British Quantity Surveyor Jobs

Career opportunities and QS jobs abound in Dubai, says Maxim Recruitment. The London and Dubai based agency is looking to place experts on a raft of exciting projects from hotels and shopping malls to airports and highways across the Middle East. The astonishing head-line grabbing construction that is taking place reflects the prosperity and political stability of Dubai - one of 13 states forming the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and many areas of the Middle East.

Experienced Quantity Surveyors Needed

The prospects and potential for progression are hard to top, and for the best in the industry, this also means a generous tax free salary and a full expatriate package. Chartered Quantity Surveyors can expect to earn upwards of their UK salaries (paid tax free), with a fully expensed package on top. Once Senior Quantity Surveying professionals or Project Managers have gained a few years’ Middle East experience, they can expect to become increasingly valuable to both their current and other employers in the region. Invitations to change employer and the frequency of generous counter offers to stay put outshine even the buoyant UK construction market.

Construction Project Managers & Site Managers Also Needed

Quantity Surveyors are not the only construction experts in high demand, says Maxim Recruitment. Whether you’re a project manager, building estimator or site manager, there is an army of lucrative professional level building contracting, civil engineering, cost consulting, and consulting engineering jobs waiting to be offered by UK, European, international and local construction consultants and contractors.

Increasing Numbers of Quantity Surveying & Construction Jobs

Government stats show construction vacancies in Dubai have leapt from 111,700 jobs in 2003 to around 123,000 in 2005 (source: MEED. 2005). Construction is booming in the region at its highest level for over 20 years. Dubai boasted 5,938 live building projects in the first quarter of 2005. The sector is mushrooming at around 37.4 percent a year - representing almost half of all construction across the UAE.

Constructing the Highest Building in the World

Recent international media attention has focused on the £500 million Burj Dubai Tower due for completion in 2008. This project will rise 800 metres - just five metres shy of half a mile - and will dwarf the world’s current tallest building, the Taipei Tower in Taiwan.

Dubai: A City of Quantity Surveyors & Construction Jobs

A drive around the city’s building sites takes you through a maze of mind-boggling construction jobs with total projects estimated to be worth around £35bn. Vying for a place among the man-made wonders of the world is Falcon City of Wonders. British construction experts are shaping this mixed-use 405,000 sqm development, valued at £848m. Due for completion in 2010, it will offer an array of residential apartments, villas, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, health clubs and spas, schools and parks. Hundreds of British Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Site Managers, Planners and Estimators will work on this and other similar projects. Dubai Sports City, Mall of the Emirates and Dubailand are just a few of the other exciting construction jobs planned or already underway.

Exciting Building & Civil Engineering Construction Careers

Flagship public sector sponsored projects also offer exciting construction careers for the intending UK QS. Britain’s Laing O’Rouke is one of the major contractors leading the mammoth £791m Dubai Airport expansion - the world’s largest civil aviation development. This project is larger than Heathrow Terminal 5, the largest construction site in Europe.
Work is also now underway on the new Jebel Ali Airport City timetabled to open in 2015. Phase one includes six runways and is currently estimated to cost £309m.to complete. Pre-contract Quantity Surveying and cost estimating is already underway, with Maxim Recruitment expecting to find work for tens of Quantity Surveyors over the next 12 to 18 months on this project alone.

Your Next Quantity Surveying Job: Dubai?

The opportunities available in Dubai and the Middle East for adventurous and experienced Quantity Surveyors, Senior Quantity Surveyors and related construction professionals have never looked rosier. Please get in touch with Maxim Recruitment with your CVusing the details below, so that our London and associated offices in Dubai can discuss with you the right construction job to allow your international career really take off.

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