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Investment Drives UK Roads Jobs

Highways England’s (HE) Road Investment Strategy 1 (RIS 1) has been recently re-profiled, bringing ten motorway projects forward, while delaying sixteen schemes and shelving six others. Despite this review, highways professionals are still in demand, with projects such as HS2, the HE’s Smart Motorway programme, and the East Midlands Gateway Rail Freight Interchange all currently in progress.

London Major Projects

The Smart Motorway programme is planned for almost every motorway in the region. The M3 J2-4a is in the final stages with the remaining maintenance activities underway, and the M4 J3–12 is due to start imminently. Smart Motorway projects on other motorways are expected to start in March 2018, including M20 J3–5 and M23 J8–10.  If you are looking for quantity surveying, engineering or project management jobs on a smart motorway project, speak to us about our current opportunities and how we can help.

HS2 is starting, with temporary slip roads currently being installed on the M25 to allow HS2 access for site compounds. This is just one example of how HS2 will impact the road network, so opportunities on HS2 aren’t just limited to rail engineers; highways and traffic management experts, as well as commercial, project, and risk manager roles are all available.

The M20 J10a project is also starting in January 2018, so now is the time to apply for quantity surveying, risk management, or engineering roles on this project.

Road Projects in the Midlands

The Midlands is also having a surge of improvements and major works. The East Midlands Gateway Rail Freight Interchange has commenced on site, which will upgrade the M1 J24 and 24a as well as add a new southern bypass for Kegworth. Expected to last until the end of 2019, now is the perfect time to enquire about opportunities on this project.

M1 J23a–25 Smart Motorway project is currently on site, and expected to be complete towards the end of 2018. With the M1 J19-16 Smart Motorway coming to an end in December, the J13–16 section is expected to start in March 2018. Quantity surveyors, engineers, project and risk managers will all be required, so if you’ve been considering gaining experience on these types of contract, this could be the move you are looking for.

Add in other nearby projects such as the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon major improvements, and there is no shortage of schemes to choose from in the Midlands.

Local Network Gets a Boost

On local roads, the winners of the National Productivity Investment Funding have been announced, providing a further 78 projects with a value of £345 million. These projects are aimed at easing congestion and pinch points on important local routes, and will be designed and built between 2018 and 2020. The Midlands accounts for over a fifth of these projects, including the Worcester Southern Relief Road Phase 4 major project that will see the dualling of Carrington Bridge (£54 million.) Working outside the motorway network is just as interesting and offers many challenges for high-calibre professionals.

Opportunities Aplenty

With three more years until the end of RIS 1 and RIS 2 on the horizon after 2020, the highways market looks set to be buoyant for some time. Local roads are also getting increased government attention and funding, providing a range of projects to choose from.

With the shortage of skilled staff, there are plentiful opportunities for quantity surveyors, engineers, project managers, risk assessors, and other highways professionals. Send us your latest CV and keep an eye on our jobs pages for your next career move.


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