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Posted by Stuart Hackett on Monday, November 19, 2018

As a recruiter who has specialised in overseas recruitment, I have done considerable work in the typical expat hotspots for construction professionals; the Middle East, South East Asia and the Far East for example. However it’s always refreshing to be working with reputable clients on projects slightly outside the common expatriate locations.

I’m currently doing just this with a highly reputable Dublin based Cost Consultancy working on an exciting regeneration project in Montenegro.

The Vacancy

Senior QS - Montenegro

This exciting opportunity combines the benefits of working for a highly reputable Consultancy, on a large scale complex project, whilst living and working in an idyllic, picturesque location.

A professional Quantity Surveyor capable of managing a large scale mixed-use project (€700m) based in Tivat. Our client are involved in a Cost Consulting role on a phase of this 10 year project which is valued at €70m and comprises of a high-end cinema and hotel complex as well as the associated infrastructure.

The candidate will need to be relevantly qualified and have demonstrable experience of being large scale projects in the built environment

Why Montenegro?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll likely know where Montenegro is (roughly), but may not too much else. More importantly than that, you’ll likely have no idea whether this could be a fantastic place to earn your living as a Quantity Surveyor over the coming years.

So for those of you like me of 2 -3 weeks ago, here’s my quick-fire guide to Montenegro:

Location: Located on the Adriatic, just south of Croatia.

Capital: Podgorica

Currency: Euro (€)

Population: 622,550 (2017)

Site Location: Porto Montenegro – 15 mins from nearest international airport (Tivat). One of the most attractive spots in Montenegro due to it being a natural harbour which houses an exclusive marina, offering waterfront residences, luxury shops and events.

Tax: 9% - 11% - A major selling point for those seeking low tax environments

Weather: Mediterranean climate – hot and humid in the summer and relatively cool winters

EU Member?: Montenegro is not currently an EU member, however it is hoped that future membership will be achieved.

Work Permit: Process usually takes circa 2 weeks. For any EU national this should be a reasonably simple process.

Visiting: Most other nationalities are eligible to enter the country as a tourist for 90 days

Things to do: Yachting, Skiing, Hiking, Climbing, Outdoor Sports, Nightlife, Fine Dining, Diving, Beach Days, Cultural Site Seeing.


Montenegro is undergoing a boom in its tourism industry of late. Like neighbouring Croatia, it boasts 100’s of km’s of glorious coastline and beaches looking out into the Adriatic Sea. Lord Byron once said of Montenegro ‘At the birth of the planet the most beautiful encounter between land and sea must have been on the Montenegrin coast’. Testament to the country’s natural beauty.

Circa 60% of the Country is situated 1,000km’s or more above sea level, creating some fantastic trails and making it an ideal spot for keen outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy climbing, hiking and skiing.

Meanwhile in the vibrant towns and cities, you’ll find a lively nightlife seething with bars and restaurants. Porto Montenegro itself is reasonably buoyant, however you have local towns of Kotor (World Heritage Site) and Budva which offer diversity in nightlife and general entertainment.

You’ll also find a keen boating community locally with Porto Montenegro hosting an exclusive Marina.

Montenegro could be a fantastic option for Quantity Surveyors looking for international work. Not only does it offer a desirable location with plenty to do; it’s combination of low tax and cheap cost of living make it a financially sensible location to work as well. It has desirably low income tax (9% - 11%) and the cost of living is undoubtedly much cheaper than similar low tax environments in the Middle East and Asia.

Working in Europe

Roles in Europe for English speaking Quantity Surveyors seem to be reasonably limited at present.

The vast majority of vacancies I do see tend to be involved on the various Data Centre projects that are ongoing in multiple locations around northern Europe at present.

I think such projects have become very popular with candidates who have perhaps been trying to make a move out to the likes of Dubai and the middle East but have found it increasingly difficult with no previous experience in the region. Instead, they’ve found opportunities within Europe to be more willing to take fresh expatriate staff looking for their first overseas role.

I’ve found recruitment on such projects to be relatively hectic and roles reasonably short-lived.

If you are a professional Quantity Surveyor looking for an international role and want something other than the typical Data Centre work on offer, then please consider Montenegro carefully.

If you wish to find out more and/or declare your interest in this role, you can do so by applying here:

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