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Qatar Wins 2022 World Cup – Part One

Qatar Wins 2022 World Cup – Part One


Maxim Recruitment takes a look at the implications for the world of construction of Qatar winning the rights to host the World Cup in 2022. As a prime construction recruitment agency for jobs in the Middle East (, Maxim has a great deal of experience of travelling and working in the country. First of all, some general observations on the country and its customs.


To most English football fans, the award of the 2018 World Cup to Russia was a big surprise. However on the same day, the decision that Qatar would host the 2022 World Cup had eyebrows raised throughout the world. They will become the smallest nation ever to host the prestigious tournament with a population of approximately 1.6m. Well for those of you that don’t know much about Qatar, one thing is for sure……………………They can afford it!


The oil rich country has one of the highest GDP’s per capita in the world and have already pledged to spend $3bn on solar powered sports stadiums and a staggering $20bn on much needed infrastructure work. This figure may well rise spectacularly before 2022 arrives.


However, money aside Qatar has some serious problems with hosting such a worldwide sporting event. Questions were starting to be asked; how can you play football in 40 degree heat? Where are fans going to get a pint before the game with Qatar’s strict laws on alcohol? Is Qatar large enough to host so many spectators?


Obviously FIFA considered these issues before handing the prestigious tournament to Qatar. The truth is Qatar seems to have thought of almost everything:


Relaxed Drinking Laws for the World Cup


Firstly let me clear up a common myth that I have heard several times over the past week since Qatar has been awarded the World Cup. You CAN drink alcohol in Qatar. However they do have very strict laws on alcohol consumption. At present, you can only drink alcohol in the licensed bars in International hotels. You will also need to provide ID to enter such establishments, most likely in the form of your passport if you are visiting the country.


Qatar is already a country under massive amounts of cultural change and with a huge western ex-patriot community essential to Qatar’s construction work; laws have already been relaxed to accommodate the western culture. Who knows where the country will culturally be in 12 years time, but there are already plans to implement new designated drinking areas whilst the World Cup takes place. Rumours are also that cruise liners will be docked in the waters around Qatar to accommodate football fans and will have alcohol on board.


Either way, it looks like Qatar are willing to recognise the world’s appetite for alcohol at the World Cup and it seems if you do like a pint alongside watching football, there will be plans in place to allow you to do this in some capacity.


Our next blog will discuss the accommodation problems and solutions as well as details of the Solar Powered Air Conditioned stadia to be built.

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