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Qatar World Cup 2022 Construction Gathers Momentum

Exciting times ahead as the Al Wakrah stadium project in Doha, Qatar is said to be into its second phase of construction in preparation for the 2022 FIFA world cup. The Al Wakrah stadium is the first of the new World Cup Stadiums to begin construction. The 2nd phase is predicted to take up until March 2015 to complete with the expected Stadium completion date being in 2018. By which time the Qatar region will be buzzing with all of the big name construction companies as projects such as the Metro lines and the Orbital highway will be well underway – let alone the other Stadiums that are still to be built for the worlds biggest sporting event.

Football Stadiums and Rail Construction in Qatar
It has been predicted that a whopping $200 billion US (circa) is to be spent on infrastructure in preparation for the event, despite the reduction in the number of pre-proposed stadiums by Qatar by a third (from 12 to 8). At an estimated $4 billion each in cost, it seems there is still plenty of cash being splashed by one of the world’s richest countries. Other projects that make up some of the rest of the $200 billion circa include the Metro Lines, an enormous civil engineering project estimated to cost around $34 billion, which no doubt many of the big contractors will want to sink their teeth into. The huge $17 billion Doha international airport also takes up some of this sum, which is now partially complete and is starting to tranport passengers.

New Road Construction Projects in Qatar Too
Qatar is already hot but there is about to be an unbelievable surge in construction in Qatar over the coming years with the construction buzz getting hotter by the second. This is going to be a civil engineering mammoth in the form of a 200km highway acting as an “orbit” for Doha, which in assistance to the Metro Lines will aid the easing of congestion in the heart of the capital. There has been major rivalry for the impressive project, with two of the 3 packages being awarded recently to some of the biggest contractors in the world. 

Qatar Has the Cash for Construction
After all the talk and criticism surrounding the heat in Qatar causing possible playing issues for the world’s best footballers and the spectators too (will it eventually be re-scheduled to the winter months?), you cannot deny that they know how to do it in style. The 'splash cash' attitude will well and truly make Qatar the hot-bed for some of the most exciting construction projects in the world, and is no doubt a major attraction forall the super-heavyweight construction contractors around the globe.

Maxim Recruitment Job Vacancies in Qatar
Maxim consultants are recently back from a successful business trip in Qatar which was very useful in developing existing relationships and building new contacts with reputable construction companies doing work and seeking work in Qatar. Please check out the Maxim website for a full list of opportunities that Maxim are looking to find construction staff to fill in Qatar.

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