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Rail Construction Projects in The Gulf Edge Closer

Rail Construction Projects in The Gulf Edge Closer

The Sultanate of Oman, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the Gulf Co-Operation Council (GCC) continue to work towards their first ever railway system.


The Omani National Railway will be a network of five main sections with a total of 10 cargo stations and over 30 passenger stations it is understood.  The railway system will span a length of around 2,000 Km and run between Salalah in the south and the UAE/Oman border in the north. The project would be a groundbreaking project and a first for the Sultanate of Oman, creating thousands of jobs for Middle Eastern professionals as well as UK rail professional expatriates looking for construction jobs overseas.


However, the project is has not been agreed and commissioned as yet. The likelihood is that the Omani Government will fund the entire cost of the railway system in there country, but differences in opinion in costs and entitlements in each of the other gulf states means that it could be some time until the complete contracts are written up and agreed for the complete railway system.


In Abu Dhabi, UAE, rail feasibility & design work continues apace. Recent reports indicate freight rail transport using diesel locomotives will be given priority while additional provision is scoped out for adequate power supply provision for an electric passenger train network.


In general terms, sources have indicated there has been general agreement between the Gulf Co-Operation Council members leading to the belief that the first railway system to span over the region countries could be nearer to being a reality than first thought.

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