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Residential Construction in London Surging

The World’s population is becoming more and more dense as significant medical advancements and improving standards of living increase life, particularly in developed countries. For example, the 1901 Census showed that the UK population was somewhere around 30 million. However, in 2015, this figure increased twofold, to almost 65 million. That’s why accommodating this new population has been on everyone’s mind and the number of residential developments is surging.

Examples of vast residential projects can be seen in London, where there is a particular need for high rise buildings. This is because the Capital’s population is growing faster than any other region in the UK; in 2012, citizens in London accounted for a colossal 13% of the entire UK population. Consequently, this explains why in 2014, it was announced that two hundred skyscrapers were either being built or were in the process of gaining planning permission. It is worth noting that 150 of those were being developed for residential purposes. So it’s no surprise that the construction industry is booming in the Capital, with Housing Developers, Contractors and Clients urgently seeking Quantity Surveyors (at all levels) to ensure that projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Where You Could Make an Impact

Particularly in London and the South East, there are a wide variety of exciting build projects taking place, in sectors including: residential, education, mixed-use, healthcare and industrial. Some current projects include:

  • 21 million GBP Industrial (warehouses) project located near Heathrow
  • 35 million GBP mixed-use developments fit-out in Victoria
  • 55 million GBP Kingston University project
  • 50 million GBP Luxury Residential & Retail Development in Mayfair

With so many exciting projects, it comes as no surprise that Quantity Surveyors and Commercial Managers are in high demand in and around London! With the current state of the construction industry in the UK, now is an excellent time to pursue new and exciting build ventures!


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