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September News Summary


Here we give you the headlines and links from our own blog posts this month as well as useful insights from some of our partners in the industry. 

Working for a smaller construction disputes consultancy

Stuart at Maxim continues an interesting series of blogs focusing on construction disputes with a look at the benefits of working for a smaller construction disputes consultancy. In it, he highlights a number of interesting points to consider about a future employer and wonders which one would be the best fit.

How do you prove a construction delay wasn't your fault

One such smaller player the construction claims and disputes market, is Lindford Consulting, and we feature a Guest Blog from the founding director, Edward Carolan on the theme of how to prove that a construction delay wasn’t your fault.

Streamlining dispute resolution is the only way forward right now

Of course there are also many eminent larger players in the construction disputes industry and we feature a guest blog post from a Director of Accuracy last month.

Covid 19 | Beyond notification - what next?

In his article, Scott Ramsden, a Senior Director of FTI Consulting in Hong Kong, gives the warning that the most significant impact if Covid-19 in commercial terms, is still to be experienced.  He goes on to outline some of the steps and processes that can be implemented to manage risk.

Disaster preparedness, contractual notifications and the case of Maeda v Bauer

A long standing Maxim Recruitment client is also Hong Kong based; Contract Dispute Consultants, and Director David Feehan writes eloquently on the lessons that can be learned from a protracted dispute between Maeda and Bauer on the Hong Kong Guangzhou Express Rail Link project in Hong Kong. Referencing the ‘Ostrich Paradox’, or perhaps better titled according to David, the Dennis Norden Syndrome of ‘It’ll be alright on the night’. David takes the reader on an entertaining journey through a major problem project subcontract and offers some specific advice on how to undertake good claims management.

Can HVAC or air-conditioning adjustments reduce Covid-19 risk?

Another friend of Maxim Recruitment is Mark Richardson, based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Director of a growing sustainability consultancy.  He has written on a number of topics for his blog archive, but one that particularly caught our eye was on the effect that changes to office HVAC and air-conditioning systems can have on Covid-19 risk.  He looks at a number of factors including fresh v recycled building air use, and the specification of the air filtration system.  He concludes that controlling and upgrading an HVAC system offers a realistic option for helping the fight against Covid-19 and can offer further advice to interested parties.

Last but not least, is a blog that pauses to reflect on the nature and purpose of jobs in society.  It expands on some of the themes briefly touched on in the blog about office jobs in construction last month.  What is and should be the nature and point of work and employment, and should we, as a society be willing to build anything for the purpose of keeping the wheels on a national economy and create or protect jobs?  Are there other ways of thinking about the economy and the world of work?  Rethinking Jobs takes a look.

I hope you find something of interest in these articles.

Best wishes & stay safe.
Steve Thomas
Construction Recruitment Director, UK & Canada
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