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Shortage Occupation List for UK Construction Industry 2016-2017

Every year the United Kingdom publishes an update to the current immigration rules.  As a part of this, the Shortage Occupation List is also updated.  The significance of this is that when a job title within a specific sector is named in this list, this then allows overseas applicants in these areas a better chance of gaining sponsorship and being granted the right to come and work in the UK in those occupations.

The full list can be viewed by opening the link to Table 1 however, in relation to the construction industry, among others, the following skill sets are mentioned:

In Civil Engineering:
Geotechnical Engineer
Tunnelling Engineer

In the Railway Industry:
Signalling Design Manager
Signalling Design Engineer
Signalling Systems

In Decommissioning and Waste Management within the Nuclear Industry:
Programme Director
Site Director

In Electricity Transmission and Distribution:
Project Manager
Site Manager

While many employers in construction think there are also many other skill sets in high demand because of a shortage of talent, this list is an interesting starting point for those based outside the UK who are serious about making getting a job in the UK really happen.

Of course having the skills mentioned in the shortage list is just the first step; you then need to be able to demonstrate your technical competence as well as suitable ‘soft’ skills to an interviewer. 

Before that can happen, you need to find a potential employer who is willing to register as a ‘qualifying company’ to actually be allowed to offer these shortage jobs to overseas applicants.

This is where companies like Maxim Recruitment can add value – we know some companies willing to do this and some suitably qualified and suitable applicants willing to come. But we would always like to talk to more.

Please get in touch if you are interested in working in the UK or returning to the UK in one of the shortage occupations within the specific sectors mentioned above.

Please also get in touch if you are an employer willing to consider taking on high calibre migrants.  By doing this you may well be able to steal a march on your competitors by being willing to go to a little extra effort to tap into a high calibre talent pool based outside the UK.



Steve Thomas
Director - Hong Kong & UK Construction Recruitment Specialist

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