Starting a Career as a Graduate Recruitment Consultant

Posted by Steve Thomas , Construction Recruitment Director, UK & Canada on Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Are you looking for an attractive career in which the more you put in, the more you get out? Are you looking for a graduate recruitment job or looking to change career to find that rewarding job role you deserve? If so, have you thought about working in construction recruitment with Maxim Recruitment? 

Maxim Recruitment is a specialist construction recruitment agency that offers an attractive basic salary and a generous bonus that will lead to a satisfying job and good quality of life out of work. If you’re fresh from graduation or are looking to change your current job and have transferable skills (degree not essential), Maxim might be a great option to help you realise your full potential. Maxim Recruitment is an award-winning construction recruitment agency with years of experience, technical expertise and dedication to the construction industry sectors, and we are looking for talented individuals to join the team.

The Maxim Construction Recruitment Agency

Employment agencies can often be seen in town and city centres offering trades, labour and manual work jobs on a casual, hourly rate basis.  Maxim however is very different – we are not a high street construction recruitment agency, but a highly specialised and niche recruitment agency that deals only with lucrative and technical high level construction professionals and work with leading national and international construction industry client employers.

The head office of Maxim Recruitment is in Clarendon Park, Leicester, a good central UK location with excellent access to major routes and transport services. We are next to Victoria Park, Leicester University and range of independent shops, cafes and eateries. In addition, Maxim has other offices around the world, including Hong Kong and Toronto, Canada.

As a smaller, niche recruitment company, we can offer many benefits and work practices that a larger company cannot. The UK office is small and friendly and offers a hard working but informal working environment. Everything is done on a bespoke basis and no two days are the same. In fact, there are many reasons and benefits to working for Maxim in construction recruitment. To find out what a brilliant career move into construction recruitment looks like, or what a great graduate recruitment job can offer you, read on.  

Benefits of Becoming a Construction Recruitment Consultant

Whether it be the attractive first graduate recruitment job or much needed career change, becoming a member of the Maxim Recruitment team will undoubtedly make for a fulfilling career.

Dedicated one to one intensive training and a quick learning curve means you can be dealing live, with customers, within weeks or just a few months! This creates the potential for sales and recruitment bonuses to be paid within a short timeframe and adds motivation for gaining even greater rewards later. As company director Steve Thomas points out: 

“We offer one-to-one training and get Maxim employees up to full speed quickly. You can be running your own recruitment desk in no time, which means you can reap all the financial rewards for your hard work. On top of your salary you can earn around 30% of the fees you make from the recruitment work you do”

A recruitment job is a challenging job, but as with all challenging roles, construction recruitment consultants can earn good bonuses on top of a competitive salary. Flexibly/hybrid working is also an option after completing the allotted probation period. Although working initially in UK construction recruitment, hard work equals success in construction recruitment.  After a couple of years there is likely to be the opportunity (if desired) to work internationally in our Hong Kong or Canada office overseas. You could find yourself working with local construction companies in Hong Kong or on construction jobs in Dubai, or even working with construction companies in Canada. In this construction industry recruitment agency, maximum effort means maximum reward and some great career and life opportunities!

A Good Time to Start a New Job in Construction Industry

There’s never been a better time to be involved with construction recruitment. The building, infrastructure and maintenance sectors never stop working and recruiting! There are always new construction projects around the corner and construction companies always need reputable and reliable construction recruitment consultants to help them find the best talent!

Once trained, Maxim consultants have the expertise and knowledge to find these high calibre professionals the construction industry sectors require.

As a Maxim consultant you’ll be equipped to deal with finding the right candidate for the job. The one-to-one expert guidance and training enables a new Maxim consultant to settle in and be up to speed quickly, enabling clients, candidates and consultants to profit from successful business transactions.

Links and Linkedin

Maxim have a strong internet presence and a well optimised website. The best social media platform for work based networking is of course Linkedin, and you can find follow our Company Linked In Page to keep up to date:

Please take a look at the full recruitment job descriptions covering the responsibilities and duties and required skills and aptitudes.


Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas
Construction Recruitment Director, UK & Canada
Maxim Recruitment

Steve is responsible for Maxim Recruitment in the UK. He is based in the Maxim head office in Leicester, Leicestershire and regularly travels to meet employers, job seekers and to attend construction industry networking events all over the UK. With over 20 years' experience in construction and property recruitment he works with a number of repeat clients and engages in search and headhunting assignments for a range of premium UK and international clients.