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Talks Increase Over UK’s Crossrail 2

Quantity Surveyor Jobs on the Rise

The UK construction market is constantly on the up recently, with numerous sectors continuing to boom and new businesses growing rapidly across the UK. The number of calls I have received in recent months asking me if I have any Quantity Surveyors / Cost Managers to work on various types of construction projects has increased dramatically. Quantity Surveyor jobs available across the UK at Maxim are on the increase!

Crossrail 2

A major project on the horizon that will further support the positive growth in the UK construction sector, is Crossrail 2. I have received much interest from Quantity Surveyors wanting to work on the current Crossrail scheme so it makes me happy to say that come the next decade I will be able to make more introductions into the London infrastructure market should the £20bn scheme get the go ahead – a scheme which the Mayor of London is highlighting as a must.

Benefits of the Scheme

It is estimated that the £20bn scheme would bring in just under 20,000 direct jobs at peak construction, and well over 1,000 permanent jobs to operate the project once completed. This is more exciting news for Quantity Surveyors and all construction professionals whether you are already based in the UK or are considering the longevity of a move back to the UK, either now or in the future. As we have helped many of expats find work overseas in the past, it would only be natural for you to re-touch base through Maxim should you want to find work back near the location where you started!

As a key London benefit, the rail project would bring together the London Boroughs and councils, increasing interconnectivity, resulting in increased business and job creation. The project is essential to increase the number of homes in the surrounding London region, furthermore increasing the number of jobs in regard to house building during / after the construction phase. A supply chain would span across the whole of the UK for the construction of the project, helping not only the London economy but the nation as a whole.

London is a fast growing city with the population ever increasing, so the planned rail project that will break through London, Surrey and Hertfordshire is essential to support this growth for the UK to remain competitive among the leading economies of the world. The project is currently in the planning stage of the project and there is still a lot to be done before the project gets the go ahead and funding to begin construction.

Time Span

Permission has not yet been granted by the government, however if all goes to plan, the project will begin construction in around 2020. The proposed project will hopefully be in a position to seek permission by 2017/18, and the process to be granted would take (predicted) 2 years before construction can start. It is hoped that the project will be operational by 2030, however this is a rough estimate due to the current stage of construction talks.

Senior Support for the Scheme

Chief Executives of some major construction companies have signed an open letter to a national newspaper that is backing the scheme. Along with HS2, Crossrail 2 sounds like it will be the rail project to attract professionals from all types of technical background including Quantity Surveying or Planning and Construction Management.

Increased Resources at Maxim

At Maxim Recruitment we have hired several new Consultants to manage and develop specialist desks within the UK construction market. This is due to an increase in vacancies we are receiving from our clients. The vacancies that we have been given by our clients and successfully filled over recent months range in locations within the UK including; London and the South East, the Midlands and in the North of England.

My personal specialism within the Maxim business is to recruit for Cost Consultancies, Claims, and Expert Witness companies – all of whom need quality construction staff. If you are a Quantity Surveyor with any sort of project experience for a Main Contractor or Consultancy type organisation I would be glad to hear from you.


With the continued growth in UK construction, twinned with the increase of resources in our Maxim UK office, a positive correlation has formed. We are winning and filling more Quantity Surveying jobs than ever in the UK, with a niche consultant covering each sector and type of company, allowing our broad span of an international business to become specialised in specific areas around the UK, becoming market masters in our trade. Whether you are interested in Crossrail 2 or something starting a bit sooner, please get in touch by sending us your updated CV.



Adam Cadwaladr
Maxim Recruitment
UK Office

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