The Best Engineering Projects Around the World

At any given time somewhere in the world an engineering project is in progress. From the truly great and magnificent, to the humblest and most modest.

While not all engineering projects can compete with the likes of Burj Khalifa opened in 2010 in Dubai, which is the world’s tallest building clocking an impressive 829.8m in height, or the Great Pyramid of Giza at the other end of the engineering time scale, built circa. 2550 BC, there are still impressive feats of civil engineering in progress today. With this in mind there are plenty of opportunities for construction job offers, international construction jobs, starting a new construction job, or starting a construction career path, for individuals and companies alike. This article will look at some of the best construction companies working in different construction industry sectors on impressive engineering projects around the world today, that are cause for celebration and/or commendation.

Construction Companies in Canada

Burnaby Hospital Redevelopment is the largest construction project that began in 2021 in Canada. Construction Companies in Canada do not get much bigger than the EllisDon Corporation. With a revenue of over $5 billion it isn’t surprising they’re second on the list of largest companies in the construction sectors in Canada and secured the Burnaby Hospital contract. EllisDon were originally a general contractor who now boast an all seeing all doing company, handling all types of projects across all construction sectors across the globe. They are staying close to their home with the Burnaby Hospital Redevelopment, which is both big scale and humble. The first phase will cost an estimated $612 million, and will consist of building the first of two towers. EllisDon are no stranger to big projects, and this hospital redevelopment will transform health care in the Burnaby area.

Ellis Don provide construction careers for approximately 3357 people and have many awards including ‘LinkedIn Top Companies’, ‘Canada’s Best Managed Companies’ and awards for being top employers. They are also an employee owned company meaning employees can own shares in the company. If you’re looking for construction jobs in Canada or construction jobs abroad, EllisDon are one of the best companies to work for in the construction sectors.

From North America we skip over to Asia and our second big project for construction sectors.

Construction Jobs in Dubai


In with the keeping of modern Dubai engineering jobs, and with a scheduled opening sometime in 2023 comes the Ciel Tower Hotel. At 365m high with 1042 deluxe suites this tower will be another fitting addition to the Dubai skyline.

The main construction company building this super skyscraper, the China Railway 18th Bureau Group, are a subsidiary of the China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC). CRCC are no strangers to global construction and have built numerous projects around the world so it might come as a surprise (or not) that the company was born from the People’s Liberation Army in China in the late 1940’s. The 18th Bureau Group has a total of 30 employees and with $4.87 million in sales being generated each year they are not far off EllisDon’s yearly revenue.

The 18th Bureau group is 1 of 25 Bureau Groups, but only 11 through 25 belongs to CRCC, the first 10 belong to its competitor the China Railway Engineering Corporation. (I haven’t found out how this came to be!) The 18th Bureau is part of the non-residential Building Construction Industry, and along with its parent company are involved in international construction jobs from the Far East, to the Middle East, Africa and into Europe.   

More International Construction Jobs

In Australia there is a road network being built largely underground. Much of the project is now complete, with the final stage, the Rozelle Interchange, due for completion next year. The WestConnex project when fully finished will consist of 33km of improved motorway connection and tunnels in Sydney. Of the 33km of roadway, roughly 19km of motorway will be in tunnels. A massive feat of engineering by anyone’s standards. The final stage construction of the Rozelle Interchange is a 50:50 joint venture with two of the biggest companies in Australia construction sectors.

CPB Contractors are the largest construction company in Australia and are known for their tunnelling expertise. In business since 1949, they have an annual revenue of $2.1 billion, 6154 employees and operate mainly in the Australasia area.

Their partners in the WestConnex project is John Holland, another big player in Australasian construction industry sectors. Also begun in 1949 they have received many awards including the ‘Australian Engineering & Excellence Award’. John Holland’s headquarters are in Melbourne and with a revenue $4 billion and 5245 employees it’s hardly surprising they are one of the largest construction companies in their area of the world. Their parent company is another Chinese owned company, the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC). CCCC are a state owned enterprise based in Beijing.

 The fourth and final engineering project brings some UK construction recruitment.

HS2: UK Constructions Jobs from London to Up North

The high speed railway development in the UK has provided 20,000 construction industry jobs, with many more jobs supported through the project, especially supply chain work. The railway construction is divided into three stages. London to the West Midlands, next stage on to Crewe and from Crewe to Manchester. There is/was a planned stage to construct another section from the West Midlands to Leeds, but this has been postponed for the time being. This whole development is another monumental example of a present day engineering project. The Y network as it is so called is because of its resemblance to the letter Y, London at the bottom, Birmingham in the middle and Manchester and Leeds representing the tops of the two arms, will come in at a cost approximately in the region of £106 billion. The trains are said to be able to travel at speeds of 225mph and each unit will carry 1100 passengers. For anyone looking for careers in construction this project would make an excellent starting block. So who are the constructions companies involved in this ongoing project. As you would expect with engineering on this scale and covering large amounts of land, there isn’t just one provider of UK construction jobs. Balfour Beatty is one of the many lucky ones.

Balfour Beatty plc is a London based company in existence since 1909. Its revenue in 2020 was £8,587 billion by far the largest revenue of the handful of companies discussed from the construction sectors here. Balfour Beatty not only construct, but also finance, design and project manage and are truly international, taking on various projects around the world. It is perhaps no surprise that the it is the largest of the UK construction companies. With 26,000 employees it is one of the largest companies of UK construction recruitment. With the HS2 from London to Birmingham is due to be completed in 2026, while the two arms to Manchester and Leeds not due for completion until 2033 it looks like Balfour Beatty and other construction companies will be providing UK construction industry jobs for years to come. 

A Constructed Summary

If you’re looking for a career in construction, from these few examples alone there is no shortage of choice. From hospitals to hotels, from roads to railways, only civil engineering careers or construction industry jobs can provide so such a wide range of disciplines, choices or work, location of work and truly something for everyone. From the humble and the modest to the outrageous and the extraordinary, only the construction industry sectors can provide such a selection of diverse projects.

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Kelvin Brown
Maxim Recruitment Intern