The Best Ways to Attract and Retain Talent in Construction

Posted by Steve Thomas Construction Recruitment Director, UK & Canada on Thursday, January 28, 2021


The quality of an organisation's workforce drives its success. But the process of attracting and retaining the top talent from a sometimes limited selection is challenging. Good salaries do not sway employees as they did in the past. The new generation workforce prefers employers with a reputable culture and advancement ideas. And we're all looking for a better work/life balance that is actively encouraged.

Such changes in employee demands, calls for organisations to sell themselves to prospective employees. Whether trusting your HR team with the recruitment or contracting the services of a specialist recruitment consultant, below are ways to attract and retain talent.

Build a Strong Culture

The happiness of an employee dictates their productivity. To retain the talent you have, ensure your workforce enjoy their work and get job satisfacton.  Achieve a comfortable working environment in every part of your organisation. It is from such, nourishing cultures come. Allow your employees to balance their work and social life through flexible schedules. Make them feel wanted and valued. Engage them in team activities and make it a norm to reward achievers.

Build a Good Reputation

To attract top talent, make your organisation somewhere everyone wants to work. With a nourishing culture, you will have successful employees, great service delivery and happy customers. That success alone is a great marketing tool. If your employees are happy to work for you, your reputation precedes you. Also, create a social media presence on LinkedIn and other platforms. Let your company profile stir interest in the job-seeking talent and always make it simpler for people to communicate with you.

Encourage Referrals

No one is as uniquely qualified to champion your organisation like your existing employees. If you have airtight culture and values, and your employees are enthusiastic about working for you, use them to become advocates. They can spark the interest of top talent from within their equals, networks, friends and acquaintances. Since they are conversant with your culture and needs, they can easily notice someone with the right skills and personality ideal for an opening. Also, in industries like construction look to retain a construction recruitment agency who may already have the best talent on their books.

Offer Growth Opportunities

The traditional live to work attitude dictated by salaries are a thing of the past. The new generation of employees seek things beyond money. Providing them clear progression paths is a perfect strategy. Identify the opportunities they seek and put actions in place to help them career development. Help them grow and give unique opportunities that other organisations are not able to.

Use a Specialist Recruitment Agency

Outsourcing the recruitment process to a trusted third party can work miracles. Specialist agencies are up to date with the latest employee requirements and track the progress of the industries top talents. Recruitment agencies attract the top calibre talent you are looking for.  Working with a consultancy will help you find and retain the best person for your organisation.

Searching for top talent is challenging and you have to work hard to retain the best people. Use a specialist recruitment consultant to get people whose mindsets, values and goals align with your organisation. 

Steve Thomas
Construction Recruitment Director, UK & Canada